"Women Against Domination and Oppression. Feminist Perspective / Kobiety wobec dominacji i opresji. Perspektywa feministyczna";"2017-10-06 00:00:00";"2017-10-08 00:00:00";"Wydział Filologiczny, Pomorska nr 171/173 Łódź";"The aim of the II Conference of Interdisciplinary Gender Seminar “Women Against Oppression and Domination. Feminist Perspective” is to create a space for discussion of the contemporary challenges of women's rights and various discriminatory practices. The Conference will also offer an opportunity for sharing the current women's experiences of domination and oppression in the public sphere. We propose the interdisciplinary, intersectional approach and invite researchers and activists who will submit papers relevant to issues such as:areas and forms of domination and oppression that affect women in different cultures, societies and groups, cultural and social variants of the violence, and the proposed solutions; policies affecting the freedoms and rights of women; anti-equality occurrences and social movements; recognition and interpretation of the category of dominance and oppression through various social and political discourses; women’s experiences associated with the practices directed toward limiting their freedom to choose own ways of life, civil rights, physical integrity, freedom to express opinions, sense of independence, and representations of these experiences; women’s movements and strategies of resistance; artistic activities as a space of resistance, art as a tool for social change; oppression experienced indirectly from the position of witnesses, as well as experiences of people who accept some forms of such practices; methodological, ethical and practical issues (assistance programs, educational projects, workshops, trainings, etc.) connected to reflection on oppression and domination, and forms of combating them. http://feministperspective.pl/"