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Science and its commercialisation are one of the pillars that the University of Lodz relies on. For this purpose, the University of Lodz Centre for Technology Transfer has been appointed. It promotes academic entrepreneurship, contacts the world of science with the world of business and develops scientific-research potential of the University of Lodz. 

What does it mean? We are a University, the employees and students of which generate technologies that find application in economy and in society. The goal of the University of Lodz Centre for Technology Transfer is to create such conditions and mechanisms at the university, which make the flow of knowledge to business and other external entities possible.


Ready technologies, counselling, performance and preparation of studies, creating reports, analyses, recommendations. University of Lodz is an institution which shapes and descripes its surrounding in a practical way.

In what form can we cooperate? 

  • Grants
  • Contract works 
  • Diploma theses 
  • Under the Polish Association of Centers for Technology Transfer (PACTT)    

University of Lodz Centre for Technology Transfer

90-131 Lodz, ul. Lindleya  5a 

room: 41; 42; 43 
+48 606 934 834 
tel. +48 42 635 49 87 
tel. +48 42 635 49 86 
tel: +48 42 635 49 88 

Head - Adam Kaźmierczak 

Innovation broker - dr Agnieszka Zalewska 

Innovation broker - dr inż. Agnieszka Bulska 

Innovation broker - Mariusz Gwardencki 

Innovation broker - Anastazja Zdrajkowska