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The VIP Alumni Programme is an initiative of UniLodz to maintain a close contact with the University graduates. Every year, new UniLodz alumn join the group. They receive unique apple-shaped sculptures as a token of their affiliation with our community.
The programme is also an opportunity for the most talented University students who can learn from the best thanks to the Mentoring Project.


The project involves:

Expert Lectures are regular meetings with our University’s VIP Alumni, during which various topics are discussed, including development of UniLodz in the context of economic and geopolitical challenges, as well as global trends in a changing world.

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  • Mr Krystian Bestry – BPO Head EMEA at Infosys, 25 November 2013
    Lecture: “Sector of modern business services as a key to the development of the Polish economy in times of crisis”


  • Mr Jarosław Kroc – Country Managing Director at Accenture in Poland, 26 February 2014
    Lecture: “Methods of cooperation between a bank and a client: Evolution”
  • Mr Konrad Pokutycki – President of the Management Board of BSH, 8 April 2014
    Lecture: “Why buy businesses?”


  • Mr Jerzy Czubak – a member of the executive of Amcor Ltd., Chief Operating Officer at Amcor Tobacco Packaging,
    26 March 2015
    Lecture: “Morality of capitalism as illustrated by Amcor Ltd.”
  • Mr Jakub Zabłocki – originator and co-founder of X-Trade Brokers, 29 October 2015
    Lecture: “Risk-taking as a skill”


  • Mr Tomasz Orłowski, PhD – Polish ambassador in Rome, 25 April 2016
    Lecture: “The role of diplomacy in international relations at the beginning of the 21st century”
  • Mr Bartłomiej Cyganek – Head of HR at Amcor, 19 May 2016
    Lecture: “International careers of Poles as illustrated by Amcor concern

    Examples and opinions of senior Amcor managers about Poles as employees of the global labour market”
  • Mr Kazimierz M. Ujazdowski, PhD hab., UL professor – Member of the European Parliament, 16 November 2016
    Lecture: “Trust yourself. Trust Europe. Deliberations on the Polish policy in the EU”


  • Mr Janusz Reiter – former Polish ambassador in the Federal Republic of Germany and the US, 19 June 2017
    Lecture: “Poland – Germany – Europe”
  • Ms Anna Maria Wesołowska – expert on organised crime, co-author of the Crown Witness Act, member of the Council for Victims at the Minister of Justice and a member of the Council of Experts for the Abused Child at the Nobody's Children Foundation. Social advisor to the Ombudsman for Children, 17 November 2017
    Lecture: “Building a civil society”


  • Mr Paweł Kowal – assistant professor at the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, employee of the College of Europe in Natolin, 6 June 2018
    Lecture: “The future of Ukraine’s relations with Poland and the European Union”
  • Mr Adam Krasoń – CEO at PwC Polska, 15 October 2018
    Lecture: “#FutureIsNow. How to keep up with the surrounding reality?”


  • Mr Andrzej Sapkowski – Polish fantasy writer, economist by education, creator of Wiedźmin [the Witcher] character, the second most often translated fantasy author after Stanisław Lem, 18 April 2019
    Meet the author session
    Mr Witold Orłowski, Professor – chief economic advisor at PwC, 24 October 2019

    Lecture: “World economy: Revolutionary changes are coming”

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We connect the most outstanding UniLodz alumni with our most talented students. In our project, VIP Graduates act as mentors and experts who share their knowledge and experience with mentees. They support students in finding new ways to broaden their qualifications and suggest development directions.


  • Setting realistic, yet ambitious career plans
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of participating students
  • Motivating to develop a professional career
  • Supporting students in achieving their own goals
  • Sharing knowledge about the labour market and possible development paths



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e.g. the World Alumni Convention held as part of the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the University of Lodz