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Hello everybody. It’s 5:01 p.m. You are listening to the "Radio of the University of Lodz" 

Radio of the University of Lodz is a radio broadcast of the university, which is open for conversation, for words, for people and sounds. Our radio broadcast is a meeting – with an initiative, technology, art, culture, literature, sport. It is a meeting with activism and diversity. And above all, it’s a meeting with another person. We record so as to explore our experiences, feelings, opinions. We interview, we talk, we agree and we argue. We open ourselves to the world, to people, to what is happening at the University and beyond it. We produce audio essays, record commentaries, discussions and reports. We play with music.

Do you have something interesting to share? Would you like to see what it is like to work with a microphone? Join us! The University of Lodz podcast is created by students and doctoral students of the University of Lodz. We broadcast every Sunday at 5 p.m. The broadcast is available on streaming services, anywhere in the world and at any time. Pandemic has taught us to work remotely – we overcame the lockdown by recording from our homes. Currently we have been recording in the radio studio at the University of Lodz Faculty of Philology.

Try your hand and reach more listeners. Let’s hear each other!



We talk about everything that’s on students' minds. Events, culture, art, film, photography, sport, travel. Everything that interests our listeners and spreads the passion.




Eliza Matusiak

Eliza is a coordinator of the whole thing. She watches over every recording, makes sure the podcast is of high quality and that it is fun to create.



Martyna Kosecka

Each of her broadcasts is a journey through musical decades. In "Melomani" she talks about bands and records, reveals the behind-the-scenes of recording well-known albums and serves a dose of knowledge that every music lover should know. 



Damian Markowicz

In winter, he slides down from a curved ramp and ends up with "Telemark" radio broadcast, which he prepares every week of ski jumping competition together with Adrian Kozioł. He moves from the ski jump ramp to the football field and even to Formula 1 tracks. It is only Damian who can deliver you a solid dose of sports emotions. 



Natalia Matuszewska

Her broadcast entitled “Unikaty” is a weekly story about a song that has stolen hearts or places on the music charts. Stories that don't bore, and make Kurt Cobain or Freddie Mercury seem like our best friends.



Kinga Piera

Crime stories are her second name. In "Stacja Kryminał" she presents crime stories that really happened. And all this to warn us and make us more sensitive to our own and our loved ones' safety. 



Wiktor Stańczyk

One of the authors of "Kulturyści" broadcast, the more sporty one. Wiktor sums up the sports week in Poland and in the world, and he gets along with Damian like nobody else. You simply have to listen to "Kulturyści".



Damian Zagórski

The secon author of "Kulturyści" broadcast - the radio broadcast that is as dynamic as its hosts. Damian serves a musical summary of the week, which opens the edition. "Kulturyści" is a combination of music, sports information and... whatever comes to the guys' minds. Listening to this duo is like having a party with the best, who will always welcome you with open arms.