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Do you know that the community of the University of Lodz is over 30,000 people? This means that there is always something going on at our university! 

We are a young, creative University that looks boldly to the future. We teach you how to free your mind and spread your wings. We focus on conducting research to solve social and economic problems and to create the know-how to implement these solutions on a regional and global scale. We are an active partner for business, and by engaging in scientific, business, social and cultural projects we build and develop a multicultural, creative and open Lodz.

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We do not know each other yet?

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When you hear "studies", do you think "lectures, classes, specializations"? At the University of Lodz, we have much more for you than the necessary basics. From the very first year, we open up a lot of opportunities for you.

Are you interested in student life? Are you looking for additional experiences within your scientific interests? Or maybe you have an idea for research or a project related to course completion? If you do not want to link your future with a career at the University of Lodz, perhaps you are drawn to the world of business and culture?

No matter which direction you want to develop, remember one thing – free your mind!

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Do you focus on the development?

Are you interested in cooperation with business? Do you want to get involved in social and cultural projects, so as to together with the University of Lodz build and develop a multicultural, creative and open Lodz? Or maybe you are looking for current information about internships and training that will help you appear on the labour market?

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Are you interested in multidimensional conversations presenting different points of view?

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Paweł Śpiechowicz - Spokesperson for the University of Lodz

I am responsible for contact with the media and external communication of the university. I edit and coordinate press materials, as well as information that is published in the internal channels of the University of Lodz (website, newsletter, social media). I mediate media contact with scientists. On a daily basis, I also support the authorities of the University of Lodz and the authorities of the individual Faculties in ongoing communication.


Agnieszka Woś-Moder - Coordinator for Communication and PR


I'm responsible for the process of strengthening and warming the image of the University of Lodz. I take part in creating the internal communication strategy of the University of Lodz and in works on building brand capital. I create image texts. I prepare action plans related to projects and programmes that are of key image importance for the University of Lodz. I provide image consultations regarding: preparation of promotional materials, participation in external projects, granting patronage, advertising cooperation. I coordinate projects that build the community and/or pro-environmental attitudes and projects in the field of USR (university social responsibility).


Natalia Naworska - Communications/Content Management Specialist

In the Promotion Centre I cooperate with the editorial department in terms of creating and managing the communication (internal and external) of the University of Lodz. I also create content for the university's social media channels.