To study is to broaden your horizons: academically and... geographically.  Sometimes in a local dimension, and sometimes very internationally. Do you know that being a part of the University of Lodz you can take part in national and international exchanges? Nationwide it's possible thanks to the MOST programme. Discover your student places on the map of Poland!



MOST is students and doctoral students mobility programme, which for more than 20 years has made it possible to study (during one semester or the whole academic year) at one of almost 30 Polish universities.

You can take part in the programme if you have completed the second semester of the long-cycle MA studies, the second semester of the first-cycle studies, the first semester of the second-cycle studies or if you are a doctoral student after the first year of studies or after the first year of education at a Doctoral School.


First of all, you need to set up an account on the website of the programme. Fill in and print out the application form for participation in the programme, collect relevant signatures and contact the Faculty coordinator. Detailed information and instructions can be found on the website of the programme (in Polish).



The University coordinator for students:
mgr Barbara Kliszcz, phone: +48 42 635-40-80;
The University coordinator for doctoral students:

mgr 艁ukasz Kami艅ski, phone: +48 42 665-54-28
Faculty of Philology

mgr Katarzyna Paw艂owska, phone: +48 42 665-52-16
Faculty of Philosophy and History

mgr Beata Buchalska, phone: +48 42 665-56-90
Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection

Aleksandra Szymczyk, phone: +48 42 635-47-33
Faculty of Law and Administration

mgr Diana Muszy艅ska, phone: +48 42 635-46-48
Faculty of Economics and Sociology

mgr Ma艂gorzata Bocianowska, phone: +48 42 635-51-13
Faculty of Educational Sciences

mgr Agnieszka 艢liwerska, phone: +48 42 665-57-20
Faculty of Management
Agnieszka Filip, phone: +48 42 635-62-18
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

mgr Agnieszka G贸recka-Janowska, phone: +48 42 635-59-45
Facukty of International and Political Studies 
Iwona Matuszyk, phone: +48 42 635-43-75
Faculty of Geographical Sciences
Leonarda Spertusiak, phone: +48 42 665-59-10
Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics
mgr Monika Filipkowska, phone: +48 42 635-57-42
Faculty of Chemistry

mgr Magdalena Pietruszka, phone: +48 42 635-57-43



Yes, it is. Participation in the programme is free. 


Recruitment takes place in the spring or summer (for the winter term and the entire academic year) and in the autumn or winter (summer term recruitment).


Yes, you can! It also works the other way round: after taking part in sytudent mobility as part of the Erasmus+ programme you may still apply for a place under the MOST programme. 



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