One should question everything one can question, for this is the only way one can discover the unquestionable. 


Prof. Tadeusz Kotarbiński, the first Rector of the University of Lodz

Vision of the University of Lodz – where we are heading


University of Lodz will be one of the best universities in Poland and an important multidisciplinary academic university in Europe, representing scientific and didactic excellence. It will be an attractive place for students, both Polish and international ones, to learn, as well as a prestigious place of work, research and education at various levels of gaining knowledge. University of Lodz will be a breeding ground for the scientific, social and economic life of our region, and Poland, and a valued partner in terms of cooperation for domestic and foreign entities.


Mission of the University of Lodz – how we operate and who we are

Mission of the University of Lodz is to build scientific excellence and, via didactic excellence, make it possible for our students to become successful and to develop as enlightened and responsible citizens committed to doing the common good in their lives. 

University of Lodz develops basic and applied research at an international level. It runs doctoral schools and educates young academic staff. It contributes to the economic, social and cultural development of the region of Lodz, Poland and Europe. It is a university focused on cooperation with domestic and foreign research and didactic institutions, as well as with entities from the social, business and public sector. 

Fulfilling the vision and mission of the University of Lodz is related to the implementation of a number of detailed strategies in the areas of scientific research, educational offer and quality of education, internationalisation of the university and ensuring financial resources for the university development. Implementation of each of the detailed strategies is subordinated to the realisation of the following main objectives:  

Research strategy 

Objective 1: being in the group of the best academic universities in Poland thanks to the scientific excellence. 

Strategy of the educational offer and quality of education 

Objective 2: having a status of a university offering studies at the highest level thanks to didactic excellence. 

The university internationalisation strategy 

Objective 3: obtaining a status of a university at the European level. 

Strategy of ensuring financial resources for the university development  

Objective 4: achieving long-term financial stability. 

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