Kamilla Szcześniak, MA 

Phone: +48 42 635 40 20, +48 42 635 40 10 
Fax: +48 42 678 60 23 
E-mail: kanclerzul@uni.lodz.pl 

The UL Chancellor’s scope of activity includes, in particular, the following:

  • organisation and management of administrative activity of the University of Lodz in the scope specified by the Statute of the University of Lodz, Organisational Rules of the University of Lodz and the Rector; 
  • issues related to social and living conditions of the University employees; 
  • ensuring safe and hygienic working and teaching conditions as well as fire protection in the scope not reserved to the competences of the Rector; 
  • personnel matters of staff members who work in administrative, service, scientific and technical areas whose scope does not include educational and/or scientific activities, with the exception of personnel matters pertaining to the staff belonging to the aforementioned groups being employed at the Faculties of the University of Lodz; 
  • information protection and security, including protection of classified information, to the extent ordered by the Rector; 
  • issues related to the liability of the University for public procurement; 
  • management and administration of the University's assets, securing the University's property, internal organisation of administration, information system for the University management, planning and implementation of investments, renovation and proper operation, maintenance and repair of buildings, constructions and other devices, energy management, transport; 
  • issues regarding other activities related to the assigned scope of competence entrusted by the Rector in the form of the power of attorney.