Contributing to Sustainable Development. CSR Trends

14-15 CZERWCA / 2018

Wydział Zarządzania UŁ

Matejki 22/26


Wydział Zarządzania UŁ oraz współorganizatorzy: CSR Impact i Projekt TrainERGY


Dr Agata Rudnicka- Reichel, Dr T. Bartosz Kalinowski, Dr Janusz Reichel


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The development of CSR concept has gone through several transformations but from the very beginning it was based on the assumption that business has moral obligations to society. In the light of the theory propounded by Kant we used to treated morality as a voluntary domain though extremely important when functioning of the society as a whole is concerned. Nowadays the main approach suggests that actions undertaken by businesses are important contribution to sustainable development. To achieve goals of the sustainable development policy societies apply different tools. There is a temptation to accelerate business efforts by making some elements of their CSR programs mandatory. Our main concern during this year conference will be how Corporate Social Responsibility can contribute to sustainable development? The added value of the conference lies in that it will highlight the viewpoints of different sectors. Scientists and practitioners representing business, NGOs and public administration are kindly invited to participate in the conference. We would like to create an opportunity to share research results, exchange experiences from business practice and put it all together, leading to a small step in further CSR development.

If you are interested in attending the conference, we therefore kindly invite you to submit proposal of paper addressing the following areas:

  • · Business contribution to Global Sustainable Development Goals
  • · The role of ESG reporting including issue of mandatory reporting
  • · Sustainability and materiality of CSR strategies
  • · Sustainable business models and shared value creation
  • · Human rights and business
  • · Sustainable supply chains
  • · Good and bad practices from different sectors
  • · Methodology of sustainability in business and how to measure is
  • · Intersectoral cooperation for sustainability
  • · Stakeholder management
  • · Sustainability of larger systems and the role of business (e.g. sustainable cities, sustainable country policies)

The official language of the conference will be English

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