Macromodels 2019

18-21 LISTOPADA / 2019

Zamek Topacz

Główna 12


Katedra Modeli i Prognoz Ekonometrycznych,Komitet Statystyki i Ekonometrii PAN


prof. dr hab. Aleksander Welfe


dr Anna Staszewska-Bystrova,


The aim of the conference, organised every year since 1974, is to bring together scientists who work in the field of econometric modelling in order to facilitate the exchange of views and experience. Within the scope of interest are issues such as the problems of estimation, simulation, developing econometric models and their use for policy analyses. Recently, a special attention has been given to modelling economies that undergo transition from centrally planned towards market systems, and new EU member countries.

Primary conference topics

  • National Economy Models
  • Modelling Economies in Transition
  • Forecasting and Evaluation of Forecasts
  • EU and EMU Enlargement Issues
  • Modelling Inflation and Unemployment
  • Modelling Foreign Trade
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Control Theory and Economic Modelling
  • Input-Output Modelling

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