The Fifth International Conference on Philosophy of Language and Linguistics (PhiLang 2017) Piąta Międzynarodowa Konferencja na temat Filozofii Języka i Językoznawstwa (PhiLang2017)

12-14 MAJA / 2017

Wydział Filologiczny UŁ

Pomorska 171/173


Zakład Językoznawstwa Angielskiego i Ogólnego, Instytut Anglistyki, Department of English and General Linguistics, Institute of English Studies


prof. dr hab. Piotr Stalmaszczyk


dr Aleksandra Majdzińska, mgr Ryszard Rasiński


As in previous years, the principal aim of our Conference is to bring together philosophers, linguists and logicians. PhiLang2017 will be concerned with "objects of inquiry" (or on "what there is") in language, philosophy, logic, argumentation theory, and literature. We also invite contributions investigating the general and more specific relations between philosophy of language, philosophy of literature, and philosophy of mind. Other possible areas of inquiry include philosophical background of semantic and pragmatic theories, and metaphilosophy and philosophy of language.

The following scholars have accepted our invitation to address the conference as plenary speakers:

Brendan S. Gillon (McGill University): What is the Object of Semantics?

Peter Pagin (Stockholm University): What is Language for? The Complexity Arguments

Göran Rossholm (Stockholm University): Between Chance and Necessity: Reflexions on Literary Interpretations

Alberto Voltolini (University of Turin): Can One Refer to and Quantify over Intentional Objects of Hallucination?

Maciej Witek (University of Szczecin): Accommodation in Linguistic Interaction

Two special sessions are also included in this edition of the conference. A workshop on Wallace Stevens ( will address all aspects of his poetic praxis as well as Stevens' theoretical writings reflecting this praxis. The second, on the Philosophy of Argumentation ( is dedicated to exploring the relationship between Linguistics and Philosophy of Language and Argumentation, as well as general aspects of argumentation theory.

Conference language: English