Under the guidance of your potential supervisor, prepare a concept for your doctoral dissertation, which is one of the required documents in the recruitment process.

If the candidate has obtained from the supervisor (an academic employee of the University of Lodz) a consent to take him/her under supervision, he/she submits a statement of the potential supervisor on his/her willingness to take on the supervision (sample available at step 4).

If the candidate has not obtained such a consent, he/she submits an application for appointing a selected person who has the right to act as a supervisor as a supervisor of his/her doctoral dissertation (template available at step 4).

Supervisor is not required at this stage of enrolment (rather optional). Candidate might apply without knowing the potential supervisor.


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Enrollment/Registration - Electronic registration for  PhD studies is possible between 21.08.2023 - 28.08.2023

Remember to print out the application form from the Electronic Recruitment System!

Go to the Electronic Recruitment System

Prepare legible scans or photos of all the paper documentation you are to submit as part of the admission process, and attach them by uploading them to the IRK system within the time frame allowed in the Admission Timetable for submission of your documents. Each scan file should include the applicant's full name and an indication of the kind of the scanned document, according to the following scheme: Forename_Surname_Heading of scanned document



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Test date:  7 September 2023

If you are interested in the sample language tests, you can write to the following e-mail address for public information:

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The interview will be assessed according to the following criteria:

(a) evaluation of the dissertation project - its substantive value and scientific innovation, and, in the case of the Implementation Doctorate programme, the practical usefulness of the solutions

b) evaluation of the candidate's familiarity with the literature on the subject, knowledge of previous achievements of Polish and foreign science concerning the issues to be researched, as well as knowledge of specialist terminology and methodology of the planned research

c) evaluation of the presentation skills of the project (linguistic proficiency, composition of the speech, discipline of speech)


Deadline: 26 - 29.09.2023 depending on the number of candidates. Details of the interview date will be sent to registered candidates via IRK system message.


For candidates whose PhD scholarship will be fully or partly funded by external funds, the interview will take place on 19.09.2023.


Information about admission will be shown in IRK system on candidate’s account. Written decision about admission or rejection will be sent by traditional post to the correspondence address.

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