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Rector’s Lecture series at the University of Lodz refers to similar meetings that take place in many academic environments around the world. Such lectures are delivered by great individuals of scientific and social life, whose achievements are usually interdisciplinary and go far beyond the walls of the university. Thanks to this, the lectures become attractive to a wide audience, which guarantees interesting discussions and exchange of views.

Rector's Lectures series, organised for over 10 years, have become a kind of institution. We have had the honour to host the Nobel Prize winner, presidents of states, ambassadors, the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, luminaries of science and great moral authorities. We hope that this initiative serves well the entire academic community of Lodz and the inhabitants of our city.

Prof. dr hab. Aleksander Welfe is the coordinator of the project.


  • 1st Rector's Lecture: Prof. Roger Penrose”Aeons Before the Big Bang” – 19 May 2010 
  • 2nd Rector's Lecture: Prof. Władysław Bartoszewski – „Polska w Europie w XXI wieku” [Poland in Europe in the 21st century] – 25 May 2010 (SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY)
  • 3rd Rector's Lecture: Prof. Henryk Samsonowicz – „Rzeczpospolita Obojga Narodów i jej tradycja w dzisiejszej Unii Europejskiej” [The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and its tradition in today's European Union] – 03 March 2011 
  • 4th Rector's Lecture: Prof. Szewach Weiss – „Trzecia wojna światowa, czyli walka z terroryzmem” [World War III, or the fight against terrorism] – 10 June 2011 
  • 5th Rector's Lecture: Klaus Richter (in place of Dr Joachim Gauck) – 21 October 2011  
  • 6th Rector's Lecture: Prof. Peter Gardenfors – “How Homo Became Sapiens: a Smorgasbord of Cognitive Evolution” – 17 November 2011 
  • 7th Rector's Lecture: Dr Joachim Gauck – „Wolność jako obietnica i wieczne wyzwanie” [Freedom as a promise and an eternal challenge] – 01 March 2012 
  • 8th Rector's Lecture: Prof. Joseph Klafter – ”The Mysteries of Motion in Nature” – 28 March 2012  
  • 9th Rector's Lecture: Rev. Adam Boniecki – „I co z tym Kościołem?” [And what about this Church?] – 26 April 2012  
  • 10th Rector's Lecture: Prof. Philip Baker – “The Protection of Our Rights as Taxpayers” – 11 October 2012 
  • 11th Rector's Lecture: Prof. Jerzy Buzek – „Jak uleczyć Europę?” [How to cure Europe?] – 26 November 2012  
  • 12th Rector's Lecture: Prof. Michał Kleiber – „Edukacja, nauka, kultura – czyli jak stawić czoła globalnym wyzwaniom” [Education, science, culture - how to face global challenges] – 28 February 2013 
  • 13th Rector's Lecture: Metropolitan Archbishop of Lodz Prof. Marek Jędraszewski – „Emmanuela Levinasa filozofia Innego” [Emmanuel Levinas:  Philosophy of the Other] – 21 March 2013
  • 14th Rector's Lecture: Sir Martin Harris – “Changing visions of a university” – 17 May 2013 
  • 15th Rector's Lecture: Profesor Václav Klaus – “Czech Republic and Poland: Allies? Rivals? Neighbours! And Friends!” – 30 October 2013  
  • 16th Rector's Lecture: Sławomir Lachowski – „Od wartości do działania. Przywództwo i zarządzanie w czasach przełomowych” [From value to action. Leadership and management of breakthrough times] – 16 January 2014 
  • 17th Rector's Lecture: William Powers – “Hamlet’s BlackBerry: Rethinking Technology, from Socrates to Steve Jobs”– 29 May 2014 
  • 18th Rector's Lecture: Prof. Richard Shusterman – “Ethics and Aesthetics: Somaesthetics and the Art of Living” – 10 December 2014 
  • 19th Rector's Lecture: Dr Karnit Flug – “Small open economies in a stormy global economy - Poland and Israel” – 30 April 2015  
  • 20th Rector's Lecture: Prof. Wlodek Rabinowicz – “From Values to Probabilities” – 22 October 2015  
  • 21st Rector's Lecture: Prof. W. B. Worthen – “Mediatizing Hamlet” – 10 March 2016 
  • 22nd Rector's Lecture: Prof. Brian Porter-Szűcs – “Contextualizing Poland: The National, the Regional, and the Global in Polish Studies” – 15 December 2016 (SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY)
  • 23rd Rector's Lecture: Prof. Rita Süssmuth – “Tolerance in Europe” – 22 May 2017 
  • 24th Rector's Lecture: Metropolitan Archbishop of Lodz Dr hab. Grzegorz Ryś„Tożsamość Europy a chrześcijaństwo” [European identity and Christianity] – 22 February 2018  
  • 25th Rector's Lecture: Prof. Stanisław Gomułka „Długofalowy wzrost gospodarki światowej i jego perspektywy” [Long-term growth of the global economy and its prospects] – 13 December 2018 (SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY)
  • 26th Rector's Lecture: Prof. Joseph Halevi Horowitz Weiler – “Poland and the European Culture Wars 2003–2019” – 21 March 2019 (SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY)
  • 27th Rector's Lecture: Prof. Michael Dobson – "Around the world with Antonio: Shakespeare's afterlives and the persistence of The Merchant of Venice" - 10 October 2019 (SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY)
  • 28th Rector's Lecture: Prof. Svante Pääbo"The Impact of Neandertals and Denisovanson human evolutionary history" – 19 September 2022 (SEE THE PHOTO GALLERY, SEE VIDEO)