Application for dormitory place depends on your status (candidate, student, exchange student, etc.). Please check details below, according to your situation.

If you are in the process of admission for degree studies or exchange programme, you can apply for a place in UL dormitory in the system where you register your application. One of the steps of admission allows you to inform us whether you would like to apply for a place in dormitory.

If you are already a student or an exchange student (which means you are already in Łódź) and you would like to apply for place in dormitory, please send an email to: 

Those who are living in the dormitory but would like to apply for dormitory change should send an email to the same address as above.

Attention! UL degree students who would like to continue living in dormitory in the next academic year are requested to apply for the place in May/June. Application is made through USOSweb.

Accommodation request to continue accommodation in the dormitory for the period of summer holidays* must be sent to Deadline to apply for summer place: 31.05.2022.

*from 1.07 till 20.09; you decide on specific period

If you are not UL student but would like to apply for dormitory place, you should send an email to and ask for such possibility. Please know that availability of guest places may vary and we cannot guarantee that you will be granted one. Also, please know that guest rate is higher that student's rate - for details, please ask via email above.


Monthly student rent (per person) at UL dormitory is as follows:

Dormitory no. II (2): 570 PLN for double room

Dormitory no. III (3): 570 PLN for double room

Dormitory no. V (5): 660 PLN for double room

Dormitory no. VII (7): 660 PLN for double room

Dormitory no. VIII (8): 380 PLN for triple room

Dormitory no. IX (9): 660 PLN for double room

Dormitory no. X (10): 560 PLN for double room

Dormitory no. XI (11): 510 PLN for double room

Dormitory no. XIII (13): 450 PLN for double room

Dormitory no. XIV (14): 620 PLN for double room

Deposit: one-time deposit of twice the monthly rate is required from every resident. This is a security fee in case you make damages in the dorm (hopefully not!).




The equipment that you will get in the room is: basic furniture such as a bed with bedclothes, desk, chairs, wardrobe, etc. In some dorms there is one bathroom for each room, in others there is one with several showers and toilets for one floor (several rooms) – in such case, each room has a sink. All rooms are equipped with wired internet (Ethernet cable) and a telephone (connected to the CENTREX community centre) that allows free calls between rooms and dormitories. Unfortunately, there are no refrigerators, but sometimes graduates leave them in the room.

There is a free Internet connection in every room. However, you can connect only through Ethernet cable, which you have to buy on your own (dormitories don’t provide Ethernet cables!). You can buy it at any tech shop in the city (i.e. Media Markt, RTV Euro AGD, or others). Also, make sure that your laptop has an Ethernet (aka RJ-45) port – if not, you will need to but an Ethernet switch.

Each floor of the dormitory has a kitchen equipped with gas stoves and sinks. It is a common area, so please remember to leave it in clean and in good condition.

Each dorm also has a TV room, study room, laundry and drying room. To use laundry, go to the reception desk and sign up.

The reception desk is open 24 hours. Every time you enter the dormitory you are asked to show your student ID. If you plan to have a guest, the guest needs to leave his/her ID at the reception and reception desk staff will confirm if you accept your guest.

Within short distance from Campus there is a discounter supermarket, pharmacy, a beauty store, a few restaurants, student bars, and of course students' canteen. There is also UL Centre for Physical Education and Sports (ul. Styrska 5), which consists of a sports hall, swimming pool and rooms for various sports activities equipped with a number of devices.