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At the University of Lodz, we focus on conducting research allowing for solving social and economic problems and creating know-how to implement these solutions on a regional and global scale. Our priority is to strive for scientific excellence through continuous improvement of the research potential.

  • AI WORK TEAM (Faculty of Law and Administration))
  • American Corner (University-wide Units)
  • University of Lodz Centre for Biographical Research and Oral History (Inter-Faculty Units)
  • University of Lodz Centre for Irish Studies (Faculty of Philology)
  • Centre for Studies in Jewish Culture (Faculty of Philology)
  • Centre for Research on Axiology of Civil Procedure (Faculty of Law and Administration)
  • Waldemar Ceran Research Centre for the History and Culture of the Mediterranean Area and South-East Europe Ceraneum (Inter-Faculty Units)
  • Professor Waldemar Michowicz Peace and Safety Research Centre (Faculty Of International And Political Studies)
  • Center for Artificial Intelligence and Cybercommunication Research (Faculty of Management)
  • Posthumanist Studies Centre (Faculty of Philology)
  • Jewish Research Center (Faculty of Philosophy And History)
  • Centre of Tax Documentation and Studies (Faculty of Law and Administration)
  • Center for Philosophy of Nature (Inter-Faculty Units)
  • University of Lodz Center of Social Innovations (Inter-Faculty Units)
  • Centre for Interdisciplinary Accounting Research (Faculty of Management)
  • Sport Teachers Training Centre (Faculty of Educational Sciences)
  • Lodz Cyber Hub (Faculty of Law and Administration)
  • Centre for Methods and Organisation of Management (Faculty of Management)
  • Alexis de Tocqueville Center of Political and Legal Thought (Faculty of Law and Administration)
  • Centre of Smart Technologies (Faculty of Management)
  • University of Lodz Science and Research Centre “The Balkans at the Turn of the 20th/21st Century” (Inter-Faculty Units)
  • Centre for Atypical Employment Relations (Faculty of Law and Administration)
  • Centre for Personal Data Protection and Information Management (Faculty of Law and Administration)
  • Centre for Legal Protection of Local Government Finance (Faculty of Law and Administration)
  • Writing Center (Faculty of Philology)
  • Centre for Comparative Labour Law and Social Security Law (Faculty of Law and Administration)
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship (Faculty of Management)
  • University of Lodz Centre of Migration Studies (University-wide Units)
  • Centre for Electoral Studies (Faculty of Law and Administration)
  • Center for Sustainable Development Studies (Faculty of Management)
  • Centre for Security Technologies in Logistics (Faculty of Management)
  • Research and Scientific Cooperation Center: Poland-Ukraine (Faculty of Management)
  • Centre for Public Procurement and Public-Private Partnership (Faculty of Law and Administration)
  • Biohazard Prevention Centre (Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection)
  • European Centre of Constitutional Research (Faculty of Law and Administration)
  • University of Lodz Interdisciplinary Centre for Humanities Research (Inter-Faculty Units)
  • University of Lodz Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Studies (Inter-Faculty Units)
  • International Shakespeare Studies Centre (Inter-Faculty Units)
  • University of Lodz International Centre for East-European Research (Inter-Faculty Units)
  • University of Lodz Interfaculty Centre of Nanotechnology (Inter-Faculty Units)
  • Center for French Studies (Faculty of International and Political Studies)
  • Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Multicultural and Multiethnic Lodz and the Region (Inter-Faculty Units)
  • Research Centre for European Spatial Policy and Local Development (Inter-Faculty Units)
  • Research Centre for Christian Thought (Inter-Faculty Units)
  • Centre for International Accounting Studies (Faculty of Management)
  • Women's Studies Centre (Faculty of Philology)
  • Centre for Asian Affairs (Inter-Faculty Units)
  • The Center for the Theory and Philosophy of Human Rights (Faculty of Law and Administration)