Infrastructure of the University of Lodz provides excellent conditions to study, work and live. The University infrastructure includes 13 buildings of faculties with dormitories, sports facilities, conference centres and buildings with the status of monuments. These are also buildings that can be used commercially.


Buildings of the University are managed by the UL Facilities Management Centre for Central Administration, the tasks of which include administration and sales of UL facilities, sales of movable property, lease and rental of premises, as well as transport services and waste management. 

Check which buildings you can rent so as to meet your needs.


The monumental building of the Biedermann family palace, in literature known as Alfred Biedermann's Palace, was built between 1910 and 1912, located in a park at the junction of Franciszanska and Północna streets, its style refers to the 17th-century French palace. 


University of Lodz rents representative rooms and utility areas of the Alfred Biedermann’s palace for the organization of conferences, jubilee concerts, book promotions and other official celebrations appropriate to the character of the venue.




P: +48 42 665 56 27, +48 42 665 56 55


UL Training and Conference Centre at ul. Rogowska 26 offers 59 beds in:

  • 11 single rooms
  • 24 double rooms. 

The rooms are equipped with sanitary facilities, TV and radio. There are also kitchenettes at the guests' disposal. In the Centre there are two conference rooms and a banquet hall.  

Professional catering services are provided on site: lunch, dinner and coffee services, banquets, special events as well as outdoor events, barbecues and bonfires.  

On the premises of the Centre there are: a large car park, park, ponds, a covered barbecue area and a place for a bonfire.  

Nearby the Centre there is the Lodz Hills Landscape Park (in Polish: Park Krajobrazowy Wzniesień Łódzkich) with ponds, horse stable, walking and cycling paths, forester's lodge and other attractions (such as: the Franciscan Monastery Complex in Łagiewniki from the 18th century, two wooden chapels from the 17th century - the oldest architectural monuments in Lodz).


P: +48 42 659 82 11, +48 42 659 87 51



Aula Szuberta is a space where conferences and trainings for 560 people can be organized. The building is located at ul. Lindleya 5, near to Lodz-Fabryczna railway station and EC1. It has service, a large hall, cloakroom and facilities. 

Equipment of the building:

  • a permanently installed multimedia projector
  • an overhead projector
  • 5 microphones – including 3 wireless ones
  • 2 electrically rolled screens
  • window blinding system
  • AC
  • Internet, Wi-Fi 



Contact to the service of Aula:  
P: +48 42 635 55 49


The UL Centre for Physical Education and Sports consists of a sports hall (47 x 24 m and 12.5 m high), an indoor swimming pool and rooms for various sports activities, as well as a buffet (with a magnificent view, both of the swimming pool and the sports hall).  

Sports hall

  • team sports pitches (three sectors)
  • sound system and professional information board
  • rooms for coaches, rooms for pre- and post-match briefings
  • 2 areas for the audience with 200 seats 

Swimming pool 

  • an indoor sports swimming pool (6-track, with dimensions of 25 meters by 16 meters, depth from 180 to 220 cm, track width - 2.5 and 3 m) 


  • equipped with a number of devices as well as many additional accessories, such as: Body Ball balls, dumbbells, Thera Band tapes, mats, steppes, Fit-Ball balls and dumbbells, sound system.

Students of the University of Lodz can use the offer of the Centre as part of PE classes, and additionally, outside of them. They are entitled to a discount. 

Other people can use the Centre’s offer after purchasing a subscription (the discount is available to the employees of the University of Lodz, children and adolescents, and pensioners) - price list. 

The venue and all the running classes may be also used by holders of MULTISPORT cards (issued by benefit Systems), FITPROFIT cards (issued by VanityStyle), OK.SYSTEM as well as holders of UL Alumni Card, after purchasing a subscription. 

During all classes assistance and care of qualified personnel of the University instructors is available. They can help you as those who run the classes or as referees during your competitions. 

The offer of the Centre includes classes that take place at the SWIMMING POOL, SPORTS HALL, GYMS etc. 

At THE SWIMMING POOL AREA you can use the swimming pool – a 6-track one that ensures everyone comfortable and collision-free swimming. Water temperature is maintained at the level of 27 up to 28 degrees Celsius. The swimming pool has a fully automatic water treatment plant, the parameters of which correspond to the European standards. 

THE SPORTS HALL, thanks to movable net screens, can be divided it into three full-size pitches, on which volleyball or basketball matches can be played simultaneously. It is also adapted to play handball competitions. There is a sound system and a professional information board that allows you to monitor the result of the game on an ongoing basis. The hall's facilities are adapted to the European standards. There are rooms for coaches, rooms for pre-match and post-match briefings. The hall also has two areas for the audience - one, a small one, at the floor level, and the other, at the gallery level. 


  • VOLLEYBALL, BASKETBALL, HAND BALL in the sports hall
  • HEALTH GYMNASTICS (taking place in a room which is equipped with a number of devices as well as many additional accessories such as, e.g., Body Ball balls, dumbbells, Thera Band tapes; as part of the classes we also offer strengthening and stretching exercises)
  • MUSIC AND MOVEMENT CLASSES - various types of aerobics: Dance Aerobics, Fat Burner („burning the fat”), Step, Step Body Sculpt, Body Ball, TBC, ABS (the classes take place in a fully professional room that has a sound system and is equipped with necessary accessories such as mats, steps, Fit-Ball balls and dumbbells).
  • YOGA based on the following methods: academic yoga and Hatha-Yoga according to B.K.S.Lyengar.


P: +48 42 665 51 75


Secretary's office (room no 2)
P: +48 42 665 51 84;
Fax: +48 42 665 51 74



Environmental Field Research Station at the Suszek Village is a year-round University centre located in the Tuchola Landscape Park in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, approximately 3 kilometres from Rytel and 15 km from Chojnice.  

The environmental field research station has 25 sleeping places [20 places in rooms: single (3x), double (6x), triple (2x), 4 places (on extra beds) and a conference room with a fireplace.

Information, rental and bookings: 

P: +48 42 635 42 85
P: +48 42 635 40 60


University of Lodz makes every effort to ensure its students and employees the best possible conditions of working and learning. We strive for improvement of didactic and research infrastructure, including expansion of the main seat to meet the goals of a modern university. We are successively implementing projects for the expansion and modernization of real estate belonging to our University. 

We are actively looking for opportunities to co-finance planned investments. Most investments are carried out with the participation of financial support from external sources, including institutions of the European Union or the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

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