University of Lodz is a community that cares about its immediate and further surroundings. It is important for us how we manage both the Earth's and social resources. See how the people of the University of Lodz - scientists, academics, administrative staff and students - join forces to promote knowledge and socially useful initiatives.

University of Lodz is also the first university in Poland to commit to reporting on its activities for social responsibility. 




Advisory team for climate and environmental policy

The advisory team for climate and environmental policy at the University of Lodz was established on the initiative of UniLodz employees who wanted to act in the face of climate change. Its goal is to build the image of the University of Lodz as a university that consciously cares about the environment and integration of knowledge from various fields with respect to counteracting climate change and developing solutions that constitute the basis for administrative activities. 




University of Lodz belongs to large organisations – nearly 30 000 people work and study with us. It is a very large group. A group numerous enough to help us illustrate the scale of the problem and the potential that is associated with such a community.

The forecasts of specialists are frightening, true! However, they are related to the version of reality in which ordinary people do not take action – they stick to their habits and passively observe more and more catastrophic reports from the world of nature. However, we can still take a different course by implementing even minor changes.

Together, we are able to influence the fate of the only planet on which life is possible. Nowadays, every seemingly small gesture is important when thousands of people make it every day.

With this in mind, we have prepared #BigLittleSteps – a catalogue of good eco practices at the University of Lodz. A document that shows what activities are at our fingertips. Its reading suggests, among others, how to implement the standards defined by us as a "green office" (or a "green dormitory") and how to start functioning in accordance with the less waste pyramid, i.e., tips that will protect us from excessive production of rubbish and things.

Conversations about the climate in cities

How does the scientific theory relate to the practice of city management? This question will be answered by the hosts and guests of the podcasts "Conversations about the climate in cities". Dr Paulina Legutko (SGH Warsaw School of Economics), dr Agnieszka Rzeńca (University of Lodz), prof. Piotr Skubała (University of Silesia in Katowice) and dr Agnieszka Sobol (Institute of Urban and Regional Development) together with the invited guests –scientists, experts, local government officials and activists, have created 11 conversations about what activities are taken in the context of preparing Polish cities for climate change.



Sort consciously

"Sort consciously!" is another point that we are carrying out as part of the #BigLittleSteps project, the implementation of which was started at the beginning of 2020. It focuses on creating pro-environmental attitudes, developing ecological solutions and familiarising recipients with simple methods by the use of which you can take care of nature.

The rapidly progressing degradation of the natural environment made being "eco" not only fashionable but also necessary. Therefore, we remind and suggest what to do to make our immediate surroundings cleaner and more health-friendly. Sometimes we think we know these rules, but some of them can still surprise you a bit. That is why the University of Lodz has started cooperation with the MPO, the representatives of which answer questions that bother us.

The UL Trash Challenge

We have just got through the #TrashChallenge! In 2 hours, we filled 100 garbage bags and prepared for disposal, among others, four crumbling sofas and a few moss-covered armchairs. We would like to thank everyone who helped us in this important task (greetings to the Rifle Unit 1257!).




The civic budget of the UL Faculty of Economics and Sociology

Lodz is famous for its civic budget. Thanks to it, the inhabitants of Lodz independently choose projects that are then implemented in the city. Thanks to their initiative, woonerfs are created, plantings are made and common spaces are renewed. Drawing inspiration from the best, the Faculty of Economics and Sociology has launched a similar programme for its community members. 



"Psia Kość!" [Dog’s Bone] (the fundraising campaign name)

Every year, the University of Lodz collects gifts for the shelter in Lodz: food - especially specialised food, as well as blankets, leashes, toys, muzzles, medicines.

Throughout November, at all the University of Lodz Faculties, in the UL Library, in dormitories, in the University of Lodz Kindergarten, University of Lodz State Secondary School, as well as in the Rector's Office and Promotion Centre of the University of Lodz, members of our community can put gifts into specially marked containers.


Noble Gift

Every year, the academic community helps the most needy families from Lodz and from the region of Lodz. Students and employees turn into volunteers - they plan their purchases together, prepare gifts for families in need, and sometimes they also hand them over directly.


“Za kwiaty dziękujemy” [Flowers? – No, thank you!]

A beautiful bouquet? No, no, no – at the University of Lodz we have “Flowers – No, thank you!” initiative. Every year, our University encourages students to use an alternative way of showing their gratitude to promoters and reviewers for the joint years of study. It is a charity campaign called “Flowers – No, thank you!”, which we have been running for over 10 years. Thanks to it, we not only make it easier for students to buy gifts for lecturers, but we also make it possible to help those who need it most.

The rules are simple – we cooperate with three foundations: Słonie na Balkonie [Elephants on the Balcony], Happy Kids and Moje Drzewko Pomarańczowe [My Orange Tree], which take care of children in need of care on a daily basis. The pupils of these institutions, using their unusual, child's imagination, as part of play create drawings dedicated to our University. We transform the resulting pictures into cards that can be purchased as a gift for the examination board. We donate the total income from their sale to the foundations, supporting the daily needs of small artists.


We are proud to present the first corporate social responsibility report of the University of Lodz for 2017-2018. This is the result of activities undertaken by the University for social responsibility and implementation of the sustainable development principles. In 2017, we became a signatory of the Declaration of Social Responsibility, and in 2018 we signed the Diversity Charter. Our efforts have also been awarded by the European Commission, thanks to which we can use the prestigious "HR Excellence in Research" logo. We are glad that our efforts to improve the scientific and non-scientific dimension have been noticed, but we also have a sense of responsibility for actions and decisions, and we want to fulfill our commitments with even greater attention.

Social responsibility and sustainable development are important concepts that organise social and economic life. As an important scientific, research and teaching centre, we want to implement and show how to carry out socially responsible and sustainable development activities in practice. We understand social responsibility as taking responsibility for your own decisions and their impact on the society and environment.

We are responsible for the quality of education of the future staff. We meet the needs of business practice, we adapt education curricula to the needs of the labour market. We undertake scientific challenges of great social and economic value. The results of our research work serve the society and support business development. As a responsible employer, we strive to provide good working conditions and create opportunities for professional development. We strengthen international cooperation and we are a partner for representatives of various sectors in the region and in the country.

The report contains the most important information on the activities in line with social responsibility undertaken in the last two years, when our activity in this area has become more orderly. Fulfilling the obligations arising from the documents on social responsibility that we have signed, the positions of the University's Social Responsibility Representative and HR advisor were appointed. Their task is to systematise the undertaken activities, as well as to initiate new projects and monitor the implemented ones.

This is the first document for the University of Lodz in which our understanding of social responsibility is explained. By handing it over to you, we hope that we will inspire more universities to prepare their social reports and that we will encourage all our stakeholders to be even more active in the field of social responsibility.

We want the actions resulting from the report to shape the attitudes and behaviour of the University of Lodz employees. Our ambition is to create a socially responsible environment inside and outside the University by showing good practices and inspiring for further socially responsible activities.


CEIN, i.e., the Centre of Social Innovations of the University of Lodz, was established on the initiative of the following Faculties of the University of Lodz: the Faculty of Philosophy and History, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Economics and Sociology.

The field of interests and activities of the Centre includes, first of all, broadly understood social innovation, understood as innovative, non-standard solutions to social challenges and problems. The Centre also undertakes the implementation of the idea of the University's social responsibility as well as promotion of the University of Lodz in the local environment.



Together with RMF FM journalists, the #UniLodz scientist have recorded podcasts in which they talk about the concept of a conscious, good life. Together, we learn what to do to achieve this state. 




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