The Polish government is preparing special legal solutions that will enable the settlement of medical benefits provided to Ukrainian citizens coming to Poland in connection with Russia's military aggression in Ukraine. In accordance with the announcement, every refugee from Ukraine can obtain medical assistance in clinics, specialist clinics and hospitals in Poland. As emphasized by the Polish National Health Fund (NFZ), Ukrainians can count on the same benefits that Polish patients are subject to.

This applies to a citizen of Ukraine who has:

  • a certificate issued by the Border Guard of the Republic of Poland
  • or an imprint of the stamp of the Border Guard of the Republic of Poland in the travel document confirming the legal stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland, after crossing the border from 24 February 2022, in connection with the armed conflict in the territory of Ukraine.

The provisions apply to medical facilities that have signed contracts with the Polish National Health Fund (NFZ). The law amendments will apply retroactively from 24 February 2022.


Information about medical assistance can be obtained at the NFZ helpline number: 800 190 590. The helpline is available in several languages - pressing "6" redirects to a conversation with a consultant in Ukrainian, English and Russian.

Direct contact numbers to individual outpatient clinics: 

  • CENTRUM MEDYCZNE IM. RYDYGIERA - 507 107 113 (GODZ. 8–18)
  • MCM JONSCHERA +48 42 256 51 61 (GODZ. 8–18), +48 42 676 17 89 (24h)
  • MCM GÓRNA +48 506 984 198 (GODZ. 8–18)
  • MCM WIDZEW +48 451 166 555 (GODZ. 8–18)
  • MCM POLESIE +48 530 658 814 (GODZ. 8–18)
  • MCM BAŁUTY +48 516 553 526 (GODZ. 8–18)

On Sunday, 27 February the helpline of the First Contact Teleplatform (TPK) was launched, also in Ukrainian – more information on the website (click)

By calling the number:  800 137 200 those in need may obtain:

  • medical consultation,
  • electronic referral to a doctor,
  • electronic referral to the hospital,
  • referral for the SARS-CoV-2 test.

Apart from the public ones, private medical facilities also offer help to refugees from Ukraine. One of such companies is, for example, LUX MED – information on medical assistance can be obtained:

  • by calling the Polish-Ukrainian helpline:  +48 (22) 45 87 007
  • or by writing an email to the following e-mail address:

LUX MED offers free medical assistance in urgent cases.

Oncology patients from Ukraine who had to stop therapy in their state, due to Russia's aggression, can continue the treatment in Poland.

From 9 March 2022, the National Health Fund hotline will allow contact of patients who, in connection with armed actions, crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border after 24 February 2022, and thus, cannot continue the treatment in Ukraine, with centres where continuation of their oncological treatment in Poland will be possible.

By calling the free number 800 190 590, a patient will be able to report the need for continuation of oncology treatment in Poland. This applies to patients who need continuation of oncological treatment and in the field of haematology, which began in Ukraine. The patient only needs to provide their contact details on the hotline.

The data will be transferred to the centre undertaking organisation for further treatment. The centre will contact the patient within 2 working days to obtain detailed information about them and the course of the so-far treatment.

In each voivodeship there is at least one oncology facility, which is ready to accept patients from Ukraine.

A call to the National Health Fund hotline – 800 190,590 – is free of charge. The hotline operates 24/7, 7 days a week, including holidays.,8156.html - Polish and Ukrainian version


[STATUS as of 2.03.2022] Prescriptions for Ukrainian citizens must be in the paper form. They do not entitle for drug reimbursement, which means that ALL MEDICATIONS ARE PAID AT FULL PRICE.


From 25 February 2022, the Minister of Health introduced the possibility of vaccinating foreigners of Ukrainian nationality as part of the National Programme of Vaccination against Covid-19. The condition for acquiring the right to vaccination is possession of a document confirming one’s identity. This document may be: an identity card or a passport or a temporary foreigner's identity certificate – TZTC. 



Dental care in offices that have a contract with the NFZ is free of charge.

List of dental offices in Łódzkie voivodship: a list of offices (click)
Private clinics providing free of charge dental assistance:


The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists supports Ukrainian physiotherapists and people who flee the country from the war. The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists helps Ukrainian physiotherapists in the field of transport from the border, accommodation in Poland, translation of documents and job search (contact in Ukrainian: 

In addition, more than 300 physiotherapy offices provide FREE advice to people from Ukraine in need (

The list of physiotherapeutic institutions providing free assistance (as of 7.03.2022)