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As the University of Lodz community, we understand that knowledge dissemination cannot take place in isolation from the world it describes.

Therefore, we are making a continuous effort to internationalise our University and encourage academic staff as well as students and doctoral students from other countries to work and study at our Faculties. For years the #UniversityDiversity campaign has been conducted, the goal of which is to show our academic community as diverse, open and tolerant. A campaign that started in 2022 aiming at showing that the University of Lodz is guided in its activities by the attitude of openness towards the diversity the world offers is its continuation. You can find it not only in our social medial channels but also in urban space – on advertising poles, billboards and citylights.

Welcome to Poland programme plays a significant part in the process of the University of Lodz internationalisation. As part of projects implemented thanks to funding through the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange we focus on improving competences regarding the service provided to international students and academic teachers, preparing the University's information materials for international recipients and adapting the University to the challenges of internationalisation.

The need to integrate the community of the University of Lodz in the face of the challenge of education and building open attitudes – not only among the academic community but also among residents of Lodz – ranks high among our goals. As an institution of  higher education we should set standards in making the world a fairer and better place to live. Thanks to our commitment to building these attitudes, we will be able to foster global academic collaboration, knowledge transfer, and the spread of friendship and understanding.

The University's doors are wide open, and in our activities we are guided by the slogans that resonate during the campaign that is just being just published.

  • Courage (noun) - an ability to act despite one's fears.
  • Curiosity(noun) - a need to learn new information or get to know new people, to understand the world and people around us. Also: a need to uncover the truth.
  • Commitment (noun) – devoting one's attention to an activity, idea, or cause. 
  • Cooperation (noun) - an activity or process aimed at reaching a common goal.
  • Respect (noun) - an ability to perceive another person’s value. 
  • Tolerance (noun) - an ability to respect someone's nature. Also: an indispensable element of common humanity.
  • Acceptance (noun) - an ability to welcome things and people as they are. 
  • Openness (noun) - a readiness to get to know what is new.

The programme is co-financed through the European Social Fund as part of the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development, non-competition project entitled “Raising the competences of academic staff and the institution’s potential in accepting people from abroad – Welcome to Poland”  implemented as part of the Action specified in the application for project funding no. POWR.03.03.00-00-PN14 / 18.