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A university is more than just education and research – it is a place where proactive attitudes are built, cooperation is taught and where awareness of the needs of others is developed. 

Our University constitutes a part of the community of Lodz. We feel citizens of Lodz and just as other residents of Lodz – we love this city! Every day we engage in its life offering our knowledge and infrastructure for presentation of significant issues. We actively support city projects, we cooperate with local government, foundations, festivals and residents. 

We are open to all new activities and concepts, which will contribute to the further development of Lodz. Contact us if you want to cooperate!


Mind blooms in full when guarded by freedom, freedom is in bloom when the mind is on guard


prof. Tadeusz Kotarbiński, the first Rector of the University of Lodz


Openness and cooperation are a gateway to innovation and great discoveries. We strongly believe in it and this is why we belong to the international networks that accumulate knowledge, expert opinions as well as experiences of researchers from all over the world. This, in turn, translates into emergence of unique and innovative solutions, which might have never been discovered if it wasn’t for close, interstate cooperation in the field of research and science. 

Our scientists work in national and global associations, where they share their insights, inspire each other, implement grants and provide substantive support. If you are looking for a partner to cooperate with on your scientific interests, write to us.


A scientist locked in their room. An entrepreneur working in four walls of the company. That is a stereotype we consistently try to abolish.  

As a University with huge commitment we cooperate with companies – local, those from Lodz and international ones. Having great potential – which is knowledge of hundreds of scientists and researchers – we offer substantive support in numerous areas of business. Our specialists work on innovative solutions every day, they develop patents and provide professional, detailed expert opinions.


In the era of fake news and unreliable sources, dissemination of information coming from valued authorities, in this case researchers, is an obligation of each research institution. That is why, our University tirelessly and for years has been building a database of experts ready to share knowledge in the area of their research interests. Get to know our experts.


Uniwersytecka 3, room 402
90-137 Łódź, Poland 

Dr Magdalena Nowacka - Head

Maciej Jażdżewski
P: +48 42 635 41 63

International Relations Office is responsible for:

  • bilateral agreements
  • Erasmus+ agreements
  • international educational projects
  • student admission

Contact details:

University of Lodz, ul. Uniwersytecka 3
90-137 Łódź, Poland

E (general):

E (for mobility students):

E (for degree-seeking candidates):

ul. Narutowicza 68 
90-131 Lodz 

Rooms: 211 and 212 

P: +48 42 635 41 76  | +48 42 635 41 67 

ul. Lindleya  5a 
90-131 Lodz 

Rooms: 41;42;43 
P: +48 606 934 834 
P: +48 42 635 49 87 
P: +48 42 635 49 86 
P: +48 42 635 49 88 


Paweł Śpiechowicz is the spokesman for the University of Lodz. Feel free to get in touch!