The significance of science lies not so much in satisfying curiosity and fine-tuning intellects; nor does it lie in its affinity with art in shaping refinement to the effect that both are frequently mentioned in the same breath, though not directly comparable in repute. The significance of science lies in being the essential and indispensable grooming of the resourceful household and the technology at its disposal, providing the protection against illness and premature demise, and the defense against social threats, in particular against the failure to lead an honourable existence.

Prof. Tadeusz Kotarbiński, a fragment of the manuscript "A NOTE ON THE VALUE OF SCIENCE", written on the occasion of founding the banner of the University of Lodz and the creation of the university's motto.


The mission of the University of Lodz is to conduct research in a raliable manner and to proclaim the truth that comes from it, so as to educate the next generations wisely, be useful to the society and boldly respond to the challenges of the modern world.


We want the University of Lodz to become a research university with a strong position in the country and in Europe, standing out thanks to the courage and solidity of research, diversity and openness in undertakings, educating wise and responsible citizens.


When looking for the fundamental values of the University of Lodz, we follow the motto of the University, i.e., "Veritas et Libertas". Our academic ethos is primarily created by truth and freedom – understood as the search and defence of truth, as well as freedom of scientific research and freedom of academic discussion. They are complemented by the following values:


The community of the University of Lodz is made up of people who are creative and who think independently. Their attitudes result from the consistent pursuit of understanding the surrounding world – to courageously develop science that resists current trends and does not yield to pressure from political influence.


University of Lodz is a community open to the world and strongly associated with its environment, understood both locally and globally. Relations between the man and the world and relations between people constitute the centre of our interests and investigations.


University of Lodz carries out reliable and responsible research. The notion of ‚good job’ forms the basis for sustainable development and engages the community. The condition for good job is persistence in making a conscious effort that will provide better living conditions for the future generations. 


University of Lodz is a constantly expanding community, sharing its experiences and knowledge, drawing strength from its diversity and tradition of multiculturalism. We look for good partners to create and develop conscious, responsible science and culture – at the same time involving and socially commited. 


Diversity is the strength of the University of Lodz. Respect and understanding for different opinions and attitudes, as well as cultural openness and worldview tolerance constitute the foundations of our activities. They enable us to build a harmonious basis for dialogue and creative disputes, which are the pillar for honest, good science.