University of Lodz supports the first steps of its students and graduates, simultaneously helping employers from the region find the best employees. We shape the entrepreneurial attitude of the members of our community through cooperation with the most recognized brands in the country and abroad.


We strive to become an institution that promotes entrepreneurship intensely: both, among our students and employees. Our goal is to promote start-ups, technology transfer and disseminate knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship. For this purpose, we have established Council for Entrepreneurship, University of Lodz, which consists of the University authorities and a large group of VIP alumni of the University.

Economists, philologists, biologists, chemists, philosophers or physicists – they all can become entrepreneurs. Those who catch “the entrepreneurship bug” are offered specialist education, contact with practitioners and strong support in the implementation of their projects.


prof. Agnieszka Kurczewska - UL Vice-Rector for External Relations

As an entrepreneurial university we also promote external cooperation. This is what we offer to the companies and institutions from the region and the country that would like to cooperate with us.

  • High quality educational programmes, including lifelong learning.
  • Research programmes and taking advantage of scientific and research infrastructure of UL, e.g., in the form of joint research works aiming at implementation of the results in a company, works ordered by enterprises, commissioned services.
  • Support of employees’ recruitment and implementation of student internships.
  • UL training offer prepared by employers and partners of the University as well as individuals who are upgrading their qualifications. 



The University of Lodz wants to establish long-term strategic partnerships with selected national and international partners. We form strategic partnerships with commercial companies, public-sector bodies and other organisations, usually for three years and with an option for and expectation of renewal. Building and maintaining strong relationships with social and economic environment is a fundamental point of our University’s development strategy. 

Selected partners 

Logotypy partnerów: B/S/H, Ceri, Fujitsu, Infosys, KGHM, mBank, Pelion, Philips, PWC, Santander Uniwersidades


We form strategic partnerships with commercial companies, public-sector bodies and other organisations. Building and maintaining strong relationships with socio-economic environment is a fundamental point of our University’s development strategy.


The aim of the project is to use scientific achievements of the University and business experience of Rossmann – a leader in chemical and cosmetic branch.  The University has gained a business partner, thanks to which our students will be able to obtain practical knowledge and new skills. The cooperation will allow for expanding of the way of teaching students, e.g., by adding seminars, workshops and lectures that will be run by practitioners – specialists who normally work in Rossmann. 

A new field of study at UL created in cooperation with business. The University of Lodz together with six strong business partners is opening a new field of study - Business Processes Automation. The biggest advantage of the new field is its unique, interdisciplinary curriculum that combines qualifications in the area of management with digital competence. The classes will be carried out both by academic staff of UL as well as business practitioners from partner companies.

The aim of the cooperation is to use experience and scientific achievements of the University of Lodz, and potential and position of Philips Polska as an employer. Exchange of knowledge and experience will result in co-creation of didactic curricula, classes and workshops, as well as organisation od internships and reporting research problems for elaboration, among others, as part of diploma theses.

The goal of the agreement is to use experience and scientific achievements of the University of Lodz, and potential and position of PwC Poland. Exchange of knowledge and experience will make it possible to co-create didactic curricula, classes and workshops as well as organise internships and report research problems for elaboration, among others, as part of diploma theses. 

Starting partnership cooperation in the area of didactic and development as well as scientific and research activity.  The objective is to run joint research and development as well as didactic initiatives, and to run cooperation in the field of studies and analysis of the current situation of eastern Asia with particular emphasis on the role of China and Chinese politics in Central Europe. KGHM is responsible for more than half of the value of polish export to China.

The main aim of the agreement is a partnership of the two institutions in the field of development and enriching study curricula with information on social insurance and cooperation at the interface between science and insurance practice.

The agreement objective is to use experience and scientific achievements of the University of Lodz and the position of Fujitsu Technology Solutions. The cooperation will pertain to all areas associated with foreign languages. It will be also expanded by IT and technical fields of study as part of support and design of IT infrastructure and development of software as well as by finances, management and BPO. 


Centre for External Relations, UL initiates or supports Faculties when it comes to practical education that meets the needs of employers and is implemented with participation of entrepreneurs, managers and specialists. 

In the recent months intensive work has been focused on, among others, launching the previously mentioned Business Processes Automation field of study – designed in close cooperation with business representatives, who are going to join the teaching process as they have noticed a great increase in demand for the specialists in the field of robotisation. 

Previously, we have successfully supported acquiring partners, processing contracts or conducting communication for the fields such as: Linguistics for business (Infosys, Fujitsu, CERI) or Digital Banking and Finance (Accenture, mBank). 



Our goal as a University is to support our students, providing practical aspects of education in the form of formal and informal meetings, workshops and lectures. We offer high-quality, well-paid internships and apprenticeships in partner companies where students may develop their future careers. Tightening cooperation with business entities guarantees better adjustment of curricula to the needs of future employers, as well as commercial application of research results and utilisation of the University’s potential by companies in their day-to-day operations.


Industrial Doctoral programme offered at the University of Lodz aims at recruitment of a researcher for a specific project that may generate new knowledge and/or patents. The dual nature of the studies requires provision of a scientific promoter from the scientific unit. The second important element is involvement of the programme partner, which may be a company or other entity operating in the socio-economic environment. The necessary condition is to maintain the employment relationship of the doctoral student on a full-time basis throughout the period of study.


The University of Lodz seeks to be an attractive partner for official authorities in Poland and abroad and feels responsible for making its wide-ranging knowledge available for work on research-based public-sector service contracts. The University wants the up-to-date, reliable, impartial and relevant information to be available to the society, including decision-makers in parliament, government and official agencies.  

Over the years 2016-2020 the University was consistently developing a cooperation model, which takes into consideration differences in the mission and tasks of the university and local governments, and simultaneously strengthens and accelerates actions for the sake of sustainable development of local communities. 

Among others, as part of the cooperation the University:

  • consulted and co-created strategic documents for the Voivodeship of Lodz and the City of Lodz.
  • co-organised events connected with economic promotion of the region, such as: European Economic Forum, Bioeconomy Congress.  

We continue close cooperation with the City of Lodz within Młodzi w Łodzi [The Youth in Lodz] programme. We fund scholarships or awards in start-up competitions as well as carry out promotional activities. On numerous occasions employees of the University of Lodz supported efforts of the City to attract new investors by providing information on the personnel available in Lodz and educational potential of the University.


We establish cooperation with non-governmental organisations. In 2019, together with Lodz Civil Society Centre (Łódzkie Centrum Obywatelskie), we organised a training as part of Development of Digital Competence programme for representatives of Lodz NGOs. Within the same programme we cooperated with Art_Inkubator and Skyhub, sharing our knowledge and experience with novice entrepreneurs. We also hosted the School with Class Foundation or the Form.Art Foundation at ul. Lumumby 14, supporting projects implemented by the foundations. 

As part of the optional internships organisation, over the years 2016-2020 we started cooperation with, among others, Instytut Działań Twórczych Foundation, Foundation of Bank Ochrony Środowiska, GAJUSZ Foundation, Instytut Spraw Rodziny Foundation, JiM Foundation or SŁONIE NA BALKONIE Foundation. 



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The University of Lodz Career Office operates as part of the Centre for External Relations.