The University of Lodz Kindergarten was established thanks to the initiative of the university authorities, which, in order to meet the needs of employees and students, established a facility for children aged 3 to 6 years. Thanks to the work of many people committed to the creation of an educational facility for the youngest members of the university community, an unusual place was organised – full of aesthetics, light, colour, friendly atmosphere and warmth, and most importantly, adored by children. The cheerful interior of the kindergarten is complemented by an interestingly arranged kindergarten garden, equipped with various and multifunctional outdoor play equipment.


The seat of the University of Lodz Kindergarten is located at the Student Dormitory No.13, at Strajku Łódzkich Studentów z 1981 r.13. The kindergarten is a non-public institution, managed by the University of Lodz.