Lodz University Press is one of the leading academic publishing houses in Poland. For years it has been publishing not only specialist publications but also popular science content. 

Lodz University Press cooperates with both representatives of UL as well as authors from the outside of the University: representatives of other academic centres, also from abroad, as well as practitioners. 

Mission of the Lodz University Press is to cultivate local identity, which is accomplished through cooperation with institutions of Lodz such as: the Marek Edelman Dialogue Center in Lodz, Łódzki Dom Kultury (ŁDK) or City Library. 

Lodz University Press is also developing partnership cooperation with the largest local and national media, inter alia: Radio TOK FM, Radio Łódź, Gazeta Wyborcza, Polityka, Newsweek as well as Wiedza i Życie and Focus magazines. Personalities of the cultural and political world are frequently ambassadors of its publications and its projects have valuable patronage. 


Scientific journals of the University of Lodz are indexed in prestigious and international databases of scientific content. Sixty titles are created at the University in such fields as history, economics, psychology, literary studies, geography and law. All the articles are reviewed by two independent specialists in the double-blind peer review system and they are published in open access.


The quality of published scientific research results is verified in terms of substantive value, publishing and ethical standards. The level of publications is confirmed by high citation rates and visibility in the world’s most important scientific databases, such as: Scopus, Web of Science, EBSCO, Erih+, Directory of Open Access Journals as well membership in the Committe on Publication Ethics (COPE).


Editorial offices of scientific journals of the University of Lodz take care of high participation of authors, reviewers and members of scientific councils from significant international centres. Presentation of articles to a wide group of recipients all over the world is also facilitated by publishing both metadata as well as full texts in foreign languages.


Collections of scientific journals of the University of Lodz are presented using two professional platforms for publishing and sharing scientific content: University of Lodz Open Journals System (Elsevier) and Platforma Czasopism UŁ.

The systems provide advanced tools for managing online editorial process – from submission, through reviews to publication, also in the online first mode, and promotion of texts.

Digital Commons (Elsevier) platform is currently used by nearly half of UL journals that publish scientific articles in such disciplines as: history, law, literary studies. Those titles are part of Digital Commons Network.