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"The significance of science lies not so much in satisfying curiosity and fine-tuning intellects; nor does it lie in its affinity with art in shaping refinement to the effect that both are frequently mentioned in the same breath, though not directly comparable in repute. 'The significance of science lies in being the essential and indispensable grooming of the resourceful household and the technology at its disposal, providing the protection against illness and premature demise, and the defence against social threats, in particular against the failure to lead an honourable existence".

Prof. Tadeusz Kotarbiński


"Science Inspires" is an initiative whose objective is to present and promote science and its impact on society. We want to inspire and encourage interest in science by presenting inspiring people, research and activities that have a significant impact on the surrounding us reality.

As part of the campaign, various activities are planned, which consist in the transfer of knowledge in an accessible and interesting way and present the profiles of scientists who are characterised by an inexhaustible desire to deepen knowledge and share it with the society.

Our activities include, among other things, video productions, popular science texts presenting research processes and their results but also talking about the tedious, challenging and failure-prone nature of scientific work. "Science Inspires" is also a presentation of the profiles of scientists from the University of Lodz that focuses on the motivations for choosing the profession of a scientist and the impact of research work on the environment.

Our goal is to stimulate curiosity and interest in science, as well as to emphasise its importance for society and the development of civilisation.


Nauka Inspiruje [Science Inspires] YouTube channel is a place where science reveals its most interesting aspects. 
Scientists explaining the reality that surrounds us in a simple way and fascinating facts that will allow you to look at the world from a completely new perspective – that is what the channel is about.



Deconstruction of the motto of the University of Lodz "Veritas et Libertas" allows us to distinguish two slogans that remain in constant interdependence. They define and condition the scope of our activities: "truth" defining the goal of our activities and "freedom" enabling its realisation.   

Truth which is an honest, "good job", supported by the freedom to conduct research leads us to the notion of knowledge being one of the pillars of our university's activities. Knowledge allows us to continue to develop and is manifested not only in technological and economic progress, but also in the social and cultural transformations that build our identity.   

Thus, what is science in this context?  We see it as the basis for the improvement and evolution of knowledge – its continuous development, supported by responsible and committed work, by a "good job".   

The basis of science that motivates further action, opens minds and thus enables development that defines it, is "inspiration" in its broadest sense. It is seen not only in terms of source, but also in terms of effect: inspiration allows to create science, while also being its goal – inspiring communities to change and act, backed by a professional and reliable knowledge base.   

These relationships lead to simple definitions and dependence of the presented concepts:   Knowledge is information. Science is the continuous development of knowledge.  Inspiration, in turn, is the driving force behind this development.  

Not only for ourselves, for our own pleasure  

When focusing on today's societal challenges and defining the role of universities in them, we have inaugurated the project "Science Inspires – Get Inspired by Science". Its goal is to share knowledge as a source of inspiration, both scientific and as a basis for our daily actions and decisions.   

The two-pronged activities, brought together under the banner – a play of the words "science" and "inspiration", are addressed to the broader community of UniLodz. They are addressed to students, doctoral students and friends of the University of Lodz, encouraging them to develop and take actions inspired by reliable knowledge, supported by research and scientific work, as well as to the scientists themselves. The scientists who make up our university, drawing their attention to the constant need for development and seeking sources of inspiration, which is the basis of a 'good job', and often verification of their actions, conclusions and research directions.   

Written firmly into the nature of the University of Lodz, commitment inspires responsible research that shapes the basis for sustainable development and engages the community.  Our actions are characterised by persistence in making a conscious effort that will result in better living conditions for the future generations also through the dissemination and verification of widely available knowledge.   

Visual identity for the activities

The form of the project, which aims at bringing together different types of activities based on the transfer of inspirational knowledge, raises the need for elaboration of a common visual key allowing to identify them.  Given that the project focuses on the pillars of the university's activity, it is unjustified to create a separate sign – a logotype but only a symbol, in graphic terms, that would link all the materials in a visual dimension.

Slogans: truth, freedom, knowledge, research, science and inspiration constitute the basis and inspiration for the created sign – a pictogram. Based on them, as in the case of the graphic forms created for the purpose of visual identification of the University of Lodz's values defined in the 2021-2030 strategy, another symbol has been included in the university's visual identity system. It is a pictogram referring both to the institution's logotype itself and to its motto.


The form of the pictogram is reminiscent of the mark from the logo of the University of Lodz, with a sharper angle of the convergence of lines in the lower part of the form, thus alluding to the shape of the letter "V".  The smaller part of the pictogram was composed in a similar way – resembling an inverted letter "L" or an arrow, drawing on the procedure used in the university's logo and at the same time reflecting the second component of UniLodz's motto – Libertas.  


A pictogram is not a logotype, which means that it must always appear in conjunction with the university's official logo.  This approach eliminates the problem of identifying the project initiator.  Visual identity for activities under the slogan 'Science Inspires – Get Inspired by Science' also includes a typographic part, used separately from the pictogram itself. It is located in the central or lower right part of the composition (depending on the format and form of the creation itself) that includes the name of the project.  


Our mission is to promote science and experienced scientists. Below you will find expert statements, comments on various phenomena, interesting lectures – just reach for them!