University of Lodz is not only about a multidisciplinary scientific and research activity and educating students, but also a wide range of cognitive and educational programmes for secondary school students. 


The educational offer of the UL for the schools includes:    

  • All-university activities involving research, administration personnel and students of the University of Lodz
  • Proposals of individual Faculties 
  • A wide range of scientific, cultural and industry events in which the University of Lodz is a co-organiser, partner or participant

    The central (1.) programmes of cooperation with secondary schools run by the University of Lodz i.e., Uniwerstytet Zawsze Otwarty [University – Always Open] and Zdolny Uczeń, Świetny Student [Talented Secondary School Student – Brilliant University Student Programme], first of all enable and facilitate contact and familiarization of the secondary school students with the specificity of studies at the UL and providing the most talented of them with individual care of academic staff. They are of considerable importance for future graduates of the secondary schools, who are interested in developing their scientific interests and who would like to connect their future with the University of Lodz. Educational programmes of individual Faculties (2.) make it possible to, among others, familiarize in a detailed way with their educational offer, specificity of studies and the rules of recruitment to the University of Lodz. Employees of the University of Lodz are also active in organizing and co-creating (3.) numerous festivals and educational events promoting science and culture.


    portret prof. Zakrzewskiego



    Graduates of the Talented Secondary School Student – Brilliant University Student Programme, who take up studies at the University of Lodz after graduation from their secondary school, may study in accordance with the Individual Study Programme already from the second semester and they can implement scientific projects as part of the innovative Student Research Grants programme". 

    dr hab. Robert Zakrzewski, prof. UL,

    Vice-Rector for Students Affairs and Quality of Education, UL


    • Uniwersytet Zawsze Otwarty (#UZO) [University - Always Open] – secondary school students visit the University, take part in selected classes at the UL Faculties. The UL employees and students belonging to student science club also visit schools with presentations and workshops.– uczniowie odwiedzają uczelnię, biorą udział w wybranych zajęciach na wydziałach UŁ. Pracownicy i studenci kół naukowych UŁ wyjeżdżają także do szkół z pokazami i warsztatami. 
    • Zdolny Uczeń, Świetny Student (#UZSS) [Talented Secondary School Student – Brilliant University Student Programme] – University of Lodz enables direct contact between the most talented secondary school students and scientists-experts. The program makes it easier for students to decide on the direction of their education at the University of Lodz and the course of their future careers.
    • Bookcrossing in schools – promotion of reading among students. UL purchased book exchange racks for schools, Lodz University Press 
    • Laboratorium Innowacji [Innovations Lab] – a project-competition of the Career Office at the University of Lodz promoting creativity of secondary school students. 
    • Erasmus in Schools – the programme consisting in visiting secondary schools by international students of the University of Lodz




    Many Faculties of the University of Lodz organise series of classes for secondary school students to support their preparation for the secondary school final exam 9matura exam) as well as educational events introducing the specificity of studying at the University of Lodz. They try to make secondary school students, potential candidates for their students, interested in them.


    • UL Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection –Instytut Kreatywnej Biologii [Institute for Creative Biology]
    • UL Faculty of Chemistry – Akademia Ciekawej Chemii [Academy of Curious Chemistry]
    • UL Faculty of Philology – Środy z Polonistyką [Wednesdays with Polish Studies]
    • UL Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics – Festyn naukowy „Podróż od magii do wiedzy” [Science Fest "A Journey from Magic to Knowledge”]
    • UL Faculty of Mathematica and Computer Science – Matematyka Moja Pasja [Mathematics My Passion ]
    • UL Faculty of Geographical Sciences – Ogarnij Gegrę [Get a Grip on Geography]
    • UL Faculty of Law and Administration – Spotkania w Paragrafie [Meetings in the Paragraph]
    • UL Faculty of Management – Akcje Rekrutacyjne [Recruitment Campaigns] 



    University of Lodz is a co-organizer, partner or participant of many initiatives that are created with secondary school students in mind.

    • Wielka Lekcja Geografii [A Great Geography Lesson ](co-organizer – the UL Faculty of Geographical Sciences)
    • Festiwal Nauki, Techniki i Sztuki [ Festival of Art, Science and Technology] All Faculties of the Univerity of Lodz take part in the festival, as well as University of Lodz Branch in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Museum of Natural History University of Lodz, UL Library  and Centre of Social Innovations, UL 
    • Zasmakuj Studiowania w Łodzi [Get a Taste of Studying in Lodz]
    • Łódzkie Dni Informatyki [Lodz Computer Science Days]
    • Noc Biologów [Biologists' Night] 
    • Innovation Night
    • E(x)plory Festival- the UL scientists give lectures for schools
    • Charlie dla szkół [Charlie for schools] – employees of the UL Faculty of Philosophy and History introduce the screened film, and there is talk after the film. 


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