At the turn of 2016 and 2017, we started the process of refreshing the image of the University of Lodz. The current mission of the university set the tone for the general concept of our new visual identity, which included the logotype, graphic designs and the slogan "Free your mind". The changes also included broadly understood communication, contributing to the creation of a coherent image of our university in the Polish and international educational environment.

The refreshed identity of the University of Lodz emphasizes such values as community, innovation for development, openness or unity in diversity. Thus, it follows the direction set by the first rector of the University of Lodz, prof. Tadeusz Kotarbiński - a "man of good job", whose extraordinary intellect shaped entire generations of Polish scientists and people of culture. The first rector was a strong inspiration for us during the work on the new identification, especially since his influence on the formation of the university was manifested in bold solutions, guaranteeing the freedom of research and science, as well as focusing on the future. All these values are reflected in the new face of our university.

The concept developed by us not only reflects well the principles guiding the university, but also fits into the new trends in the area of visual identity design. Its clarity, readability and minimalism create the image of a modern, friendly university, ready for creative action and focused on the future, both the future of research employees and of graduates. As a whole, it also helps build a sense of community and stand out from the competition.

The university has decided to keep its emblem on the university banner, seals and official rector's letters.

From the moment of the introduction of one logotype, the logotype of the University of Lodz along with the faculty logo are no longer used. One of them should be chosen.



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