University of Lodz Library (BUŁ) is the largest library in the voivodeship of Lodz. Currently its collections amount to about 3.500.000 volumes. Resources of the Library are used by 300 000 readers yearly.  

Our services are addressed to the community of the University but also to the recipients from the outside of it.


University of Lodz Library has a vacuum fumigation chamber of ‘KONVAK’ type for disinfection of books, magazines and archives. Thanks to the modern technology it is possible to stop degradation processes of paper caused by microorganisms or insects.

In the fumigation chamber objects are subjected to the action of Rotanox gas, a mixture of ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide, which is currently the most effective, and at the same time harmless to materials, fumigation agent. The disinfection process takes place under reduced pressure conditions (vacuum), thanks to which the gas penetrates the disinfected object. Gas removal consists in flushing with clean air several times. The use of a blower and catalysts ensures that toxic substances are oxidized and removed to the outside as harmless. After the disinfection, the objects are quarantined for at least 5 days. Operation of the fumigation chamber is computer-controlled and constantly monitored. The whole process of decontamination takes 36 hours. It is supervised by a qualified employee of the Library. The chamber capacity is 0.86 m³ (dimensions: 72 x 80 x 150 cm) and can hold, for example, 6 linear meters of files.

1. The service does not include microbiological testing of the of the accepted materials and assessment of the effectiveness of disinfection.

2. University of Lodz Library does not perform classification of the accepted materials in terms of sensitivity to ethylene oxide and does not evaluate preparation of the materials for the disinfection process. In particular, it does not advise on potential negative effects of ethylene oxide on certain types of materials.

3. For disinfection we accept: books, magazines, archive materials and other documents.

4. We do not provide decontamination services in the case of paintings, graphics, sculptures, fabrics, interior design elements, etc.

5. Disinfection excludes, in particular: foil-sealed materials, those containing plastics, metal elements, photographic materials, parchment, etc. Assessing the entrusted materials with respect to their sensitivity to ethylene oxide and other physical factors (resulting from the disinfection process technology used in the KONVAK fumigation chamber) is a responsibility of the Ordering Party.

6. Materials that are excessively moist, the relative humidity of which exceeds 60%, are not accepted for disinfection.

7. Materials of a format larger than A4 should be properly converted into this format. The amount of materials should be given with an accuracy to 0.5 linear meter, rounded up, but not less than 1 linear meter.

8. Materials with a visible high degree of contamination are accepted only for separate disinfection. A fee covers the entire volume of the fumigation chamber.  

1. The Ordering Party is obliged to pack the materials in a manner specified by the Contractor. In particular, archive materials and other documents should be packed tightly in cardboard boxes / packages / bags in a way that prevents access to them. Each package should contain the name of the Ordering Party and his/her contact details.

2. The Ordering Party is obliged to deliver the entrusted materials to the headquarters of the University of Lodz Library and to bring them to the initial warehouse at his/her own expense.

3. The Ordering Party is obliged to collect the materials after disinfection process directly from the headquarters of the Contractor (from the quarantine warehouse) and to take them out at their own expense.

4. Materials to be disinfected should be delivered in time allowing the service to begin in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions.

5. The Ordering Party should collect the disinfected materials on an agreed date.

6. The amount of materials accepted at one time from the Ordering Party is limited by the capacity of the initial warehouse and the quarantine warehouse. In case of larger orders, the University of Lodz Library may request delivery and collection of the materials that are a subject of one order, in several rounds.

7. University of Lodz Library reserves the right to extend the deadline for the order execution in circumstances which, despite due diligence, could not have been foreseen.

1. The Ordering Party is obliged to prepare an order in accordance with the attached template.

2. The materials are handed over on the basis of the handover and acceptance protocol drawn up in two copies (for the Ordering Party and the University of Lodz Library). The Ordering Party, upon receipt of the materials, certifies that they have no objections to the physical condition and completeness of the collected materials.

3. University of Lodz Library issues a certificate documenting the course of disinfection and confirming basic physical parameters of the carried out process for the Ordering Party. The certificate confirming parameters is issued separately for each disinfected batch of materials (a single batch to the fumigation chamber).

If you are interested in disinfection in a fumigation chamber please contact Fumigation Laboratory: +48 42 6356434, +48 42 6356069 or the Library Secretariat: +48 (42) 6356002, e-mail:, from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

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