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Marcin Kowalczyk

Press Office Coordinator

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Iwona Ptaszek-Zielińska

editorial board, media, website of the University of Lodz

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Natalia Naworska

Coordination of the University of Lodz social media 


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"Łódź poprzez wieki. Historia miasta" [Lodz Through the Ages. History of the City] – the Book Premiere

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University of Lodz focuses on conducting research that allows to solve social and economic problems, and create know-how that makes it possible to implement these solutions on a regional and global scale. The priority of the University of Lodz is to strive for scientific excellence through constant improvement of its research potential. At the University of Lodz, basic and applied research is conducted in cooperation with national and international partners in interdisciplinary priority research areas: „Ziemia obiecana 2.0. (Mikro)Społeczności wobec wyzwań cywilizacyjnych w dobie globalizacji” [Promised Land 2.0. (Micro)Communities in the face of civilisation challenges in the age of globalization], „Nauki eksperymentalne w służbie bezpiecznych i zdrowych społeczeństw” [Experimental Science at the service of safe and healthy societies], „Centra różnorodności genetycznej i kulturowej. Od dziedzictw bliskich do odległych. Potencjał nieodkryty” [Genetic and cultural diversity centres. From near to distant heritage. The undiscovered potential].  

University of Lodz is an active business partner. Thanks to the conducted research, industrial PhDs, publications and patents, it supports economy by providing effective solutions. As the creator of the Memorial Prize of Tadeusz Kotarbiński, the University of Lodz integrates the community of Polish humanists. As a patron of culture, it runs a number of its own initiatives and co-organises international events and festivals. It acts together with the residents of Lodz and for them. By getting engaged in research, business, social and cultural projects it develops Lodz that is multicultural, creative and open.

University of Lodz educates curious about the world and committed citizens. It consistently supports students, participants of doctoral schools and employees in the implementation of original and bold research ideas. It is an attractive place to get educated for Polish and international students (the 3rd place in Poland in terms of the number of international students) as well as for participants of doctoral schools.

You can find more information on and in the Dobra Nauka/Quality Science group on Facebook.


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