Badaczki UŁ w Japonii – badania nad oczyszczaniem gleby

Prof. Magdalena Urbaniak and Dr Elżbieta Mierzejewska from the Department of UNESCO Chair on Ecohydrology and Applied Ecology, Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Lodz are currently doing their scientific traineeship at Kobe University, Japan where they continue their research which we wrote about in more detail in the text of April 2021 (the link below). As the research indicates, plants such as cucumber, pumpkin, zucchini, melon or watermelon not only provide nutritious fruit, but also perfectly clean the soil in which they grow. Maintaining harmony between soil cleaning processes and the production of safe and uncontaminated food remains a challenge in this process.

The study of the mechanisms of uptake, transport, accumulation and metabolism of pollutants in plants is not only an important aspect of phytotechnology, i.e. the use of living plants to solve environmental problems – in this case, pollution removal, but also the production of safe food.

Cooperation with Prof. Hideyuki Inui’s research team will allow conducting research as part of an IDUB project entitled: "Control of bioaccumulation of Persistent Organic Pollutants in cucurbits – production of safe food vs. bioremediation of contaminated sites".

Polish researcher together with Japanese researchers at work

The University of Lodz scientists took part in scientific seminars organised in Tsukuba and in Hyogo thanks to two research projects: Prof. Urbaniak is pursuing her research stay as part of the EMBO Short-Term Fellowship, and Dr Mierzejewska thanks to a joint Polish-Japanese project as part of a scientific cooperation agreement between the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (whose Prof. Magdalena Urbaniak is a Polish co-ordinator on behalf of the Polish Academy of Sciences).

The seminars were held in the Center for Environmental Science in Saitama (CESS), The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization in Tsukuba and in the Institute of Environmental Sciences in Hyogo Prefecture.

Cucurbits Will Clean the Soil - Research by UL Biologists

Source: dr hab. Magdalena Urbaniak, UL Professor, Dr Elżbieta Mierzejewska - Department of UNESCO Chair on Ecohydrology and Applied Ecology, University of Lodz

Edit: Promotion Centre, University of Lodz