If you come from abroad and you have a different nationality than Polish – you can find here the most important information on how to apply and what documents you need to do it.

  • A website www.rekrutacja.uni.lodz.pl is dedicated to people who can study in Poland under the same conditions as Polish citizens. That means that full-time studies in Polish are free of charge, but for part-time studies or studies in English tuition fee applies. The amount of payment is given in description of each programme. If you have Pole’s Card (Karta Polaka), decision of Polish origins, a permanent residence card or EU long-term residence, national certificate of Polish proficiency at C1 level, you have been granted refugee status or a subsidiary protection in Poland, you are a citizen of one of the European Union or EFTA countries or a family member of a migrant worker living in Poland – you shall go to the above mentioned website. More details about study possibilities under those rules can be found in the Polish legal act Law about higher education (article 323 and 324). If you are not sure if you have rights to study on the same terms as Polish citizens do – you can always contact International Relations Office (IRO). Also gen. Anders scholarship holders shall register in IRK system www.rekrutacja.uni.lodz.pl.

  • If you do not have documents from the list above – you can study only on tuition fee basis. Please go to: www.admission.uni.lodz.pl for more information. The tuition fee for studies at the University of Lodz is about 2000-3000 EUR per year depending on the field of study.

International Relations Office
at the University of Lodz
3 Uniwersytecka Street, room no. 1
90-137 Łódź
tel.: (+48 42) 635 42 37
e-mail: admission@uni.lodz.pl

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