Mobility/Faculty Coordinator is a person responsible for your education at the Faculty you are assigned to and will support you with suggesting suitable changes in your Learning Agreement if they are necessary. Below you can find the list of Faculty Coordinators at UL. You should contact your Faculty Coordinator as soon as the semester starts.

English Philology, Romance Philology, Spanish Philologydr Monika Kopytowska, email:

Culture Studiesdr hab. Karolina Prykowska-Michalak, email:

German Philologydr Marcin Michoń, email:

Journalismdr Joanna Bachura-Wojtasik, email:

Spanish Philologydr Marta Pawlikowska, email:

Polish Philologyprof. dr hab. Rafał Zarębski, email:

Slavonic Philologydr Agata Kawecka, email:

Russian Philologymgr Paulina Sikora-Krizhevska, email:

Women’s Studies/Gender Studiesdr Aleksandra Różalska, email:

Italian Philologydr Katarzyna Kowalik

Romance (Roman) Philologydr Andrzej Napieralski