High school students who are ambitious, curious about the world and reach higher – it is for them that we created the "Talented at School, Brilliant at the University" programme in 2017. Assumptions of the idea were simple – we wanted to make it possible for the best high school students to have direct contact with our academic experts. Through cooperation with high school teachers, we have decided to reach those who count on the development of scientific interests and pursuit of passions, and those who care about a more conscious choice of the field of study and, consequently, a career path.   

The programme was a great idea – every year it attracts more and more interest. Thanks to it, many students – long before their Matura grade [matriculation grade] – gain certainty which scientific area they feel best in. They also learn about the principles of studying and functioning of our university much faster than their classmates, which definitely facilitates the first weeks of academic life. 


dr hab. Robert Zakrzewski, prof. UŁLadies and Gentlemen,

we would like to invite you to participate in the "Talented at School, Brilliant at the University" programme implemented at the University of Lodz.

The programme is addressed to young enthusiasts with scientific and research interests, participants of Olympiads and subject competitions and, above all, students curious about the world around them. 

The aim of the programme is to develop the passions and interests of high school students in various scientific disciplines. 

The participation in the programme makes it possible for high school students to use the knowledge, skills, competences and experience of research workers on the basis of master-student cooperation. The participant can benefit from individual consultations with academic teachers, as well as selected teaching classes, seminars, research projects, etc. All the activities are aimed at the intellectual and social development of young people. Thanks to the cooperation with the academic community, high school students will be better prepared to study and take up scientific challenges. 

Over 700 students from 70 schools in the region of Lodz have already benefited from the programme. It is very well rated by participants and teachers and is becoming more and more popular every year.

Students participating in the programme, but also their teachers, have the opportunity to use the resources of the University of Lodz Library for free. Graduates of the programme who, after completing high school start studies at the University of Lodz can, among other things: study according to the Individual Study Programme from the second semester and carry out scientific projects under the innovative "Student Research Grants" programme.

I feel convinced that our activities for the high school students are not only a chance to deepen their knowledge, but above all a chance to develop and pursue passions. That’s what I wish You! 

Dr hab. Robert Zakrzewski, Associate Professor 
The University of Lodz Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Quality of Education



"Talented at School, Brilliant at the University" programme is addressed to enthusiasts with specific scientific interests.

Why is it worth joining?

  • We help to pursue scientific passions and broaden horizons through constant cooperation with our scientists. The cooperation is based on regular individual meetings – in person and on-line, on a master-student basis.

  • We enable participation in selected classes and studies conducted at our university, as well as seminars intended for young researchers.

  • We make the resources of the University of Lodz Library available to the programme participants.