is nothing but an official representation of students in the university structures. The UL Students’ Government can be an adventure, a challenge, and a place where you can develop your passions, realize your ideas, demonstrate your inventiveness, and at the same time gain experience that no classes or internships can provide. It began its formal existence with the transformation of the political system, when the Act on Higher Education came into force in 1990. The Students' Government Council of the University of Lodz is the executive body of the Government at the University level and, apart from many other all-University tasks, it is responsible for cooperation and support of the specific unit governments as well as for the distribution of funds allocated for the activities of the Students' Government at the whole University.


The University of Lodz Students’ Government Council represents all students of the University of Lodz and includes representatives of all the UL faculties, including University of Lodz Branch in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. The Council's responsibilities include, in particular, delegating representatives of the UL students to the University's Committees, as well as initiating and giving opinions on the University's decision-making process pertaining to education, upbringing, and student living affairs. The Council is also responsible for the organisation of Juwenalia of the University of Lodz.  

President of the Council: Grzegorz Gwarda (Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science) 

Vice-Presidents of the Council: 

  • Klaudia Górecka (Faculty of International and Political Studies)  
  • Bartłomiej Józefowicz (Faculty of Philosophy and History)
  • Kamil Behrendt (Faculty of Law and Administration)

Secretary of the University of Lodz Students’ Government Council: Kaja Mosińska (Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection)

You can contact the Board of the University of Lodz Students’ Government Council by e-mail (, or via FB.