Wakacyjne praktyki na Litwie

Are you looking for paid internships in July and August? The Research Council of Lithuania has an offer for you!

RCL (Research Council of Lithuania) has announced an annual competition for summer student internships at universities and research institutes in Lithuania. The programme is to support scientific research, enhance academic skills and promote intercultural exchange among students from around the world.

What you should know about the offer:

  • The internship period: from July to August 2024 
  • Scholarship: 2000 € (1000 € per month) + additional funds for accommodation.
  • The call is addressed to both BA and MA students, except for those who are in their final year of study at the time of the summer internship call.
  • The deadline to submit applications: 29 May 2024

In order to apply you need to send your CV, transcript of academic record, cover letter and choose a maximum of two topics (fields of practice). The application process is simple and can be completed through the RCL system.

The registration guide is available at the link