Zaproś do siebie Gościa na Gwiazdkę – startujemy z 6. edycją!

We encourage the entire community of the University of Lodz to actively join, for the sixth time, the extraordinary campaign entitled Christmas Guest! As part of the campaign each of you can invite an international student, who spends Christmas in Lodz and cannot meet their relatives, to your home for Christmas time. There are more such people than you think! Currently, there are as many as 3,000 people studying at the University of Lodz who represent 95 different nationalities for whom Poland is not their homeland. Many of them will spend Christmas time alone in the dormitory.

a smiling woman with dark long hair holding a red mug decorated with white snowflakes

Fill in the form and invite a Guest for Christmas!

It is a unique opportunity to show Polish customs and traditions to the international members of our academic community or to simply share the Christmas joy with them, not to mention the wafer, cheesecake, poppy seed cake or dumplings.

After all, it is a great opportunity to put the tradition into practice and make use of the extra plate that each of us puts on a Christmas table for an unexpected guest. The idea of a Christmas Guest campaign is that you and your family decide when during Christmas period you invite your guest – we only help you contact each other.

How to invite a Christmas Guest?

It is very simple! You just need to fill in the form. If you are afraid that either you or your loved ones will not be able to communicate in a foreign language with your Guest, please indicate that you prefer them to be able to speak Polish. We encourage the entire community of the University of Lodz to join the campaign: researchers, teaching personnel, administrative staff, doctoral students and students! We are waiting for your applications until 12 December!

If you have any questions or doubts you can call us at +48 42 635 4236. You can also write to the following e-mail address: or 

See how much joy and smile the previous editions of the campaign have resulted in. That's how we timidly encouraged you to participate in the first edition in 2016. The second edition, a year later made us smile even more. The third one was a real surprise, because some of the hosts have befriended with their guests so much that they keep inviting them again and again! 

The fourth edition broke all records – over 60 families associated with the University of Lodz hosted 100 young people from several continents!

The 5th edition in 2020 due to the pandemic was of a virtual/online nature. The meeting organised by the International Relations Office and Promotion Centre of the University of Lodz was attended by several hundred students.

Don’t let the extra plate stay empty. There are people around you, who will be delighted to sit at your Christmas table! 

Source: Promotion Centre and International Relations Office, University of Lodz