Uniwersytet Łódzki solidarny ze studentami i doktorantami z Ukrainy

Dear Students, Ukrainian Brothers, the Rector's Board of the University of Lodz is observing the situation on the Ukrainian-Russian border with deep concern. We realize that many of you, our students, citizens of Ukraine, may be deeply affected by these events. You have families, friends, loved ones in your homeland and you are worried about them.


In these difficult times, please remember that the University of Lodz is not only a place where you study and learn. It is also your home where you can feel safe. In the event of any crisis, we will remain the university you can count on. The university that will provide you with all possible support.

We also appeal to you not to let the ambitions and disputes of politicians obscure the values that you should invariably follow, regardless of another person's nationality. These are respect and cooperation – the values that guide us at the University of Lodz. We realize that sometimes this may not be easy, but it is always the best possible path.  

Every nation should decide about its own fate sovereignly. Both our countries know this well. We hope it will stay this way.  


Prof. Elżbieta Żądzińska 

Rector of the University of Lodz