We are changing for You

„Veritas et Libertas” – truth and freedom – motto of the University of Lodz takes on colours, density and shapes. Also online. On Monday, the launch of the new multiportal uni.lodz.pl!

We have got through an intensive year during which we have been changing for You. We are entering a new stage, we are testing functionalities, we are developing. We are waiting for You, for your remarks, contact and activity. Candidates, students, employees or supporters – University of Lodz is a place that is here to tell Your story.

We are starting with a new video. We boldly reach for what is important. 

"A meditative journey through the interiors of the University of Lodz is a meeting with material goods, in which what is immaterial is enchanted, yet tangible - knowledge, tradition, history, values and the spark that is needed for something new to be born" 

This is what Mikołaj Szczęsny, the director, says about the new video of the University of Lodz. During its realisation, we visited the Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Law and Administration, Faculty of Physics and the Library. Do you recognize any specific places?

Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council over the years 2009-2014, when accepting the title of Honoris Causa of the University of Lodz on Monday said referring to „Veritas et Libertas”: The journey of seeking is never over. The quest can only take place in a spirit of freedom. Thoughts are free. Our universities played and are playing a major role in this. This university is relatively young, but it is part of a great European tradition of centres of thought and research. (...) 

Let’s travel together and let’s tell our story.
Feel welcome to www.uni.lodz.pl

The video has been created in cooperation with VEV Productions

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