Oblicza wojny - VII Międzynarodowa Konferencja Naukowa

Tools of war will constitute the subject of this year conference. This concept is understood very broadly and it is certainly not limited to the weapons themselves. The objective is to learn about the most important means and tools of combat used over the centuries. Representatives of various scientific fields, both awarded researchers and those at the beginning of their scientific path, will be welcomed at our conference.

The conference has been organised in the Institute of History of the University of Lodz since 2017. Since the first meeting, which was attended by a dozen or so friendly historians, it has grown into an undertaking that attracts more than 100 researchers from all important scientific centres in Poland. Since 2020 the conference has been an international event – researchers from Lithuania, Russia, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary also participated in it.

Faces of War is an event focused on issues related to military history. Despite such a clearly defined profile, we would like researchers representing various scientific disciplines to participate in it. We invite both those who deal with the history of military science on a daily basis, as well as scientists who occasionally take up this topic in their research.


Source: Faculty of Philosophy and History, University of Lodz

Event details

Date and time of the event: 09 June 2022 (Thursday) 00:00 - 10 June 2022 (Friday) 00:00

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