Dr hab. Marta Kolanowska, prof. of UL is a nominee for the “Polish Nobel Prize”

Polish research universities, including the University of Lodz, have selected their candidates for the first edition of the Heisig Prize. The award, already known as the Polish equivalent of the Nobel Prize, is to honour Polish scientists who conduct research at the highest level and whose discoveries change the world. Among the 12 nominees there is dr hab. Marta Kolanowska, prof. of UL from the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection.

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- I am very pleased with this nomination and I would like to thank you for appreciating my research work. I have found myself among a group of great scientists, and this alone is already a great honour for me. Such competitions, apart from giving great satisfaction, draw attention to specific problems of our world. In the case of my specialisation this is an issue of deteriorating state of the nature. Therefore, I appreciate the fact that on such occasions I can make my humble plea for better care for our planet. If the species stopped disappearing, it would be the greatest reward for me, but to succeed there is still a long way ahead of us – says Professor Marta Kolanowska.

The winner will be announced on October 1, 2021 and will receive a medal and PLN 200 thousand – this is the highest Polish prize for a scientist. The distinction is to be awarded every two years.

Dr hab. Marta Kolanowska, prof. of ULfrom the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection studies biodiversity of the least explored regions of the world. She has discovered 370 species of orchids that were previously unknown to science. She has taken part in more than 20 tropical expeditions. In 2020 she was awarded with the Otto Wichterle Award for her research activity and undertaking actions for the sake of protection of naturally valuable tropical ecosystems.


Source: Forum Akademickie

Edit: Promotion Centre, UL

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