Is your head full of scientific ideas? Are you wondering how to implement them? You are in the right place! Feel welcome to join Student Research Grants – a programme that will open up new development opportunities for you.



The aim of the project is to make it possible for the students of the first- and second- cycle studies to obtain financial resources to implement or present their scientific research.

Student Research Grants project is also an opportunity to get familiar with the specifics of submitting and accounting for proposals for research funding. If you are planning a career at the University, this will be one of your most important skills.

As part of the Student Research Grant, you can obtain funding for, among others:  

  • implementation of the research
  • participation in scientific conferences
  • publishing an article or a book
  • writing a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis

The condition for receiving the Student Research Grant is:

  •  completion of a training course on obtaining and accounting for funds for conducting scientific research, organised at the University of Lodz
  • obtaining a positive opinion of a potential scientific supervisor of the project
  • submission of an electronic application for funding  

Evaluation of applications consists of an opinion on the scientific level of the planned research and its impact on your scientific development and that of the UŁ. This way, the most interesting and valuable projects will be selected.
As part of the Student Research Grants programme, a series of training sessions on submitting and accounting for applications for funds to conduct scientific research will be held.  


Trainings introducing you to the Student Research Grants project at the University of Lodz will include:

  • presentation of possibilities of spending the funds
  • procedure of applying for research project funding
  • instructions on how to complete the required documents for the funding application
  • learning how to fill in an electronic application for funding
  • presenting the requirements for settling the project