Do you promote the University of Lodz outside it, are you a great athlete, and in your thesis you plan to include conclusions that in a practical way can contribute to the development of the region? I may not know it yet, but it looks like you're an ideal candidate for the University of Lodz Rector's Award or the Region of Lodz Marshal’s Award! 



This award is intended for particularly active students of the University of Lodz. The award is granted every year to students who belong to one of the University's organisations and promote the University of Lodz through outstanding academic or sports achievements. The decision who receives the award is made by the Rector after consulting among others the University Student Government Council. 
The Rector's award is also granted to doctoral students who have achieved outstanding results in one of the four areas over the last two years:  

  • humanities (Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Philosophy and History, Faculty of Educational Sciences)
  • natural sciences (Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, Faculty of Geographic Sciences),
  • social sciences (Faculty of Economics and Sociology, Faculty of Law and Administration, Faculty of International and Political Studies, Faculty of Management),
  • exact sciences (Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science).


The Region of Lodz Marshal’s Award is granted for: 

  • theses and dissertations thematically related to the Lodz Voivodeship or promoting the region
  • theses and dissertations the research results of which demonstrate usefulness for social, economic or cultural development of the region 

Master’s theses and Bachelor’s theses can be submitted for the competition so if you meet the criteria - do not hesitate!
You can get more information about the awards in your Dean’s Office! Information about the call for proposals also appears in the news, so stay tuned!