Dear Students,

  • All classes are conducted online at the University of Lodz, due to the restrictions announced by the government of the Republic of Poland.
  • The security policy is regularly reviewed by the Covid-19 crisis management team.
  • Please direct any of your questions to:

Detailed information on the mode of classes is provided by faculties:

Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection
Dean’s Office 

Faculty of Chemistry
Dean’s Office 

Faculty of Economics and Sociology
Students Service Centre

Faculty of Philology
Institutes and Departments

Faculty of Philosophy and History
Dean’s Office:

Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics
Dean’s Office

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Dean’s Office

Faculty of Geographical Sciences
Dean’s Office

Faculty of Educational Sciences
Dean’s Office

Faculty of Law and Administration
Student Service Department

Faculty of International and Political Studies
Student Office

Faculty of Management
Department of Quality of Education and Student Service

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