The Dean's Office is the management centre of the student universe. This is an office, where you can get your student affairs sorted. We can assure you that you will visit it on many occasions. What can you deal with in your Faculty Dean’s Office? 



After starting your studies you can pick it up from your Faculty Dean’s Office. Remember that after each completed semester you need to get it ‘stamped’ here (for a student ID card to be valid personnel of the Dean’s Office update the ID card every semester with a unique holographic sticker – the number of stickers corresponds to the number of completed semesters). Your student ID card is simultaneously your UL Library card and a dorm pass. In order to reduce the use of plastic even further, University of Lodz started a cooperation with MPK Lodz (Municipal Transport Company), and therefore, the student ID card can be used as a season public transport ticket (in Lodz we call it a "migawka"). 
ATTENTION: At some Faculties the Dean's Office is called a Student Service Centre or Student Service Office.


You will also submit various application here. The applications may concern many issues, such as extending the examination period, Dean's leave, transferring credits from a different field of study, setting up an individually organised study programme, re-issuance of your student ID card or an exam conducted before an examination board (we keep our fingers crossed so there will be as few of the latter as possible, and preferably - none at all!). And at the end of your studies it is here that you will take care of all the formalities related to the defence of your thesis. But hold on,...first things first!