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University of Lodz Doctoral School of Social Sciences awards a PhD degree in the following disciplines: 

  • Sociological Sciences  
  • Economics and Finance  
  • Legal Sciences  
  • Pedagogy  
  • Psychology  
  • Socio-economic Geography and Spatial Management  
  • Management and Quality Studies 
  • Political and Administrative Sciences 

University of Lodz Doctoral School of Social Sciences provides its doctoral students with Doctoral Supervisor鈥檚 care and help to obtain knowledge necessary to obtain a PhD degree. The study curriculum makes it possible for a doctoral student to gain advanced level qualifications pertaining not only to the process of doctoral dissertation realization but also including professional development (improvement of research workshop and improvement of teaching qualifications) as well as personal development (soft skills). 

Education at the University of Lodz Doctoral School of Social Sciences 

The studies last 8 semesters. They are full-time studies (the classes are held during working days) and they are free of charge. 

The first year is of an interdisciplinary nature and it is addressed to the doctoral students of all disciplines. It is a year of joint scientific discussions, posing questions and looking for multi-faceted answers. The following years are dedicated to the development in the selected discipline and expanding knowledge during classes of doctoral student鈥檚 interest area. The entire period of studies is intensive work in cooperation with a Doctoral Supervisor in a master-student relationship. 

The study curriculum takes into consideration current theoretical concepts in social sciences as well as trends concerning application of the research results in practice, providing doctoral students with a chance to continue their scientific development, to participate in international and inter-university exchange. 


Matejki 22/26  
90-237 Lodz



Dr hab. prof. UL Ilona 艢wi膮tek-Barylska

Faculty of Management, UL 

ul. Matejki 22/26  
90-237 Lodz  
room 329  

T. +48 42 635 52 37  



Meetings to be arranged via email:


Head of the board


dr hab. Ilona 艢wi膮tek-Barylska, prof. U艁


Legal Sciences

dr hab. Sylwia Wojtczak, prof. U艁

dr hab. Miros艂aw W艂odarczyk, prof. U艁


Sociological Sciences  

dr hab. Alicja 艁aska-Formejster, prof. U艁

dr hab. Tomasz Ferenc, prof. U艁


Economics and Finance

dr hab. Ewa Kuside艂, prof. U艁

dr hab. Maciej Koz艂owski, prof. U艁


Political and Administrative Sciences

prof. dr hab. Ma艂gorzata Pietrasiak

dr hab. Andrzej Dubicki, prof. U艁


Socio-economic Geography and Spatial Management

dr hab. Ewa Szafra艅ska, prof. U艁

dr hab. Marcin W贸jcik, prof. U艁


Management and Quality Studies 

prof. dr hab. Jan Je偶ak

dr hab. Tomasz Czapla, prof. U艁



prof. dr hab. Danuta Urbaniak-Zaj膮c

dr hab. Mariusz Granosik, prof. U艁



prof. dr hab. Eleonora Bielawska-Batorowicz

dr hab. Agnieszka Lipi艅ska-Grobelny, prof. U艁


Representatives of the Doctoral Students

mgr Sebastian Czechowicz

mgr Marcin Jaworski

mgr Monika Wilanowska


MSc Aneta Szewczyk

Faculty of Management, UL  
ul. Matejki 22/26  
90-237 Lodz 
room 315  

P. +48 42 635 62 42  / tel. +48 601 083 029

Monday to Friday 9.00-15.00



Under the guidance of your potential supervisor, prepare a concept for your doctoral dissertation, which is one of the required documents in the recruitment process.

If the candidate has obtained from the supervisor (an academic employee of the University of Lodz) a consent to take him/her under supervision, he/she submits a statement of the potential supervisor on his/her willingness to take on the supervision (sample available at step 4).

If the candidate has not obtained such a consent, he/she submits an application for appointing a selected person who has the right to act as a supervisor as a supervisor of his/her doctoral dissertation (template available at step 4).

List of supervisors and topics of PhD seminars in the academic year 2022/2023 for each discipline (see files below).

Information about competitions for doctoral students within NCN grants (together with the research topics) is available at



Enrollment/Registration - Electronic registration for studies is possible between 16.08.2022 - 26.08.2022

Remember to print out the application form from the Electronic Recruitment System!


Go to the Electronic Recruitment System

Foreign applicants submit the documents required for the recruitment process in paper form to the address of the Office for International Relations (BWZ):

Uniwersytet 艁贸dzki

Biuro Wsp贸艂pracy z Zagranic膮

ul. Uniwersytecka 3, pok. 1.

90-137 艁贸d藕


A candidate residing abroad may direct a request via email through BWZ ( to the appropriate Director of the Doctoral School for the opportunity to submit documentation in paper form after the deadline resulting from the recruitment schedule, with a commitment to deliver the original documents before the date of signing the oath. If a set of original documents is not provided, an administrative decision to deny admission to the Doctoral School will be issued.


Deadline: 9 September 2022

Rules for organising and conducting the English language test - subject to change due to the epidemic situation.



During the interview the following are assessed:

a) Presentation of the dissertation concept, including:

1) demonstrating the originality of the scientific problem presented in the concept

2) demonstration of the research contribution to the development of the lead and additional discipline(s), in the case of an Industrial PhD programme the practical utility of the solutions

3) clarity of concept presentation

4) ability to justify the chosen methodology

0-12 points

b) knowledge of research methods used in scienificwork in the discipline

0-4 points

c) knowledge of the literature on the subjects to be dealt with in the candidate's research

0-4 points

d) knowledge of specialist terminology, ability to compose a speech, communicativeness, interaction during discussion

Total: 0-24 points

Each member of the recruitment committee will assess independently with 24 points. The final amount of points awarded to a candidate shall be the arithmetic mean of the points awarded by the members of the committee. Presentation of the concept in the form of a multimedia presentation is not accepted.



Deadline: 22.09.2022 - 28.09.2022 depending on the number of candidates.

and 16.09.2022 - 19.09.2022  (for candidates whose doctoral scholarship, if they are admitted to a Doctoral School, will be financed in whole or in part from external funds)


The candidate will be informed of the interview date via email.

Information on acceptance to the studies is visible in the Electronic Registration System on the candidate's account, and the Recruitment Committee's decision on non-acceptance is sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.