University of Lodz Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences awards a PhD degree in the following disciplines: 

  • Mathematics  
  • Biological Sciences  
  • Chemical Sciences  
  • Physical Sciences  
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences  
  • Informatics

The study curriculum of the University of Lodz Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences in addition to deepening knowledge on a specific discipline will enable you to strengthen your scientific workshop, raise your qualifications in the field of teaching and develop soft skills, including an ability to actively plan your own career. 

Education at the University of Lodz Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences 

Doctoral students who graduate from the University of Lodz Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences will be prepared to critically evaluate the results of scientific research that constitute a basis of scientific publications and present the obtained results in the international scientific community. The objective of education here is to prepare each doctoral student to carry out didactic work at the level of higher education, where he/she can combine the obtained scientific knowledge with the use of the latest methods of communication. 

Each graduate from the Doctoral School will achieve competence enabling him/her to engage in individual and team scientific research, especially this interdisciplinary one, conducted in national and international research teams. Responsible usage of the obtained scientific knowledge and results in innovative economy for the good of the society will be their result. 

The studies last 8 semesters. They are full-time studies (the classes are held during working days) and they are free of charge.  


Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences
University of Lodz

21/23 Jana Matejki Street (1st floor)
90-237 Lodz



Prof. dr hab. Elżbieta Kuźniak-Gębarowska

Doctoral Schools Centre
21/23 Jana Matejki Street
90-237 Lodz

1st floor, room 109 


T. 42 635 55 93



Duty hours: 

Monday 11:00-12:00

Meetings at other times by arrangement by e-mail:  


Head of the Board


prof. dr hab. Elżbieta Kuźniak-Gębarowska


Biological Sciences

dr hab. Anita Krokosz, prof. UŁ

prof. dr hab. Jerzy Bańbura


Chemical Sciences

dr hab. Ireneusz Piwoński, prof. UŁ

dr hab. Magdalena Małecka, prof. UŁ


Physical Sciences

prof. dr hab. Cezary Gonera

dr hab. Jarosław Perkowski, prof. UŁ


Earth and Environmental Sciences

dr hab. Włodzimierz Pawlak, prof. UŁ

dr hab. Danuta Dzieduszyńska, prof. UŁ



prof. dr hab. Dariusz Zagrodny

dr hab. Andrzej Komisarski, prof. UŁ



dr hab. Paweł Caban, prof. UŁ

dr hab. Marek Śmietański, prof. UŁ


Representatives of the Doctoral Students

mgr Dominika Szczerbiec

mgr Agata Pyrzanowska-Banasiak

mgr Katarzyna Kurpet



Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences
University of Lodz
Doctoral Schools Centre
21/23 Jana Matejki Street
90-237 Lodz

1st floor, room 113  


T. 42 635 55 93


Duty hours: 

Tuesday 11:00-14:30

Thursday 9:00-13:00


Preferred contact by e-mail.

The Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, UL  
Banacha 12/16  
90-237 Lodz 
3rd floor, room 303  

P. +48 42 635 44 23  



Duty hours: 

Monday 11:00-13:00

Wednesday 11:00-13:00


Please previously contact via e-mail


The task of the Council of the Self-Government of the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences is not only to support doctoral students and to take actions for their community, but also to participate in the organization of events promoting the School and the University of Lodz and to take part in the life of the University. The Self-Government cooperates with the School Authorities and the University Doctoral Students’ Government Council of the University of Lodz. One of the most important aims of the Members of the Self-Government is to provide assistance in any matter regarding doctoral students studying at the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences.



- Chairwoman: MSc Dominika Piwowarska

- Vice-Chairperson: MSc Kamil Płuciennik,

- Secretary: MSc Katarzyna Bednarczyk,

- Member of the Council: MSc Ewelina Krawczyk




The application for funding, together with the cost estimate and the promoter's opinion, will enable the funding of the scientific activity of the doctoral students of SDNSiP of the University of Lodz from the budget of the doctoral school.

File name: Name_Funding application _discipline, e.g. Kowalski_Funding application_chemistry.



please do not include the following costs in your applications:

    highway tolls,
    car travel

Files to download

Pursuant to Article 204.3 of the Law on Higher Education and Science, at the request of a doctoral student, doctoral education shall be suspended for the period corresponding to the duration of maternity leave, leave on the conditions of maternity leave, paternity leave and parental leave as defined by the Labour Code.



Files to download

Below you will find templates for the so-called Didactic Hours

Files to download


Dr Przemysław Kubiak (from UL Faculty of Law and Administration) has been appointed as the Doctoral Student Ombudsman of the University of Lodz. The researcher is a doctor of jurisprudence, assistant professor at the Department of Roman Law. He has been passionate about Roman criminal law for many years, exploring ancient legal thought as expressed in the writings of philosophers and rhetoricians. He is currently writing his habilitation thesis on the legal qualification of acts committed in a state of agitation and intoxication.

For years, Dr Przemysław Kubiak has been conducting psychological workshops for students, as well as for employees of the University of Łódź and lawyers in Poland and abroad. Every year, he also organises classes for doctoral students on the psychology of teaching, in particular on interactive and modern teaching methods. As part of the Law Clinic at the Faculty of Law and Administration, he introduces students to mediation as an alternative method of dispute resolution.

Anyone interested is invited to contact the Ombudsman: