Prof. Krystyna Nowak-Fabrykowski

Central Michigan University

Krystyna Nowak-Fabrykowski (Ph.D.) is a professor of Early Childhood at Central Michigan University in the USA.  Professor Krystyna Nowak-Fabrykowski (Ph.D.) was born in Poland.  She studied in Poland at the University of Lodz (Master in Early Childhood) and the University of Warsaw (Ph.D.), in France at Sorbonne University (Diploma for Teaching French as a Second Language), in Canada at Laval University (Post –doctoral studies). For her master degree, she conducted research in France investigating Freinet’s Methods of Teaching and his Theory of Teachers and for her Ph.D. thesis she concentrated on The Role of Symbols in the Process of Schooling Children. After leaving Poland in 1981 she lived and studied in France and then moved to Canada where she continued her study.  She also taught children French in French Immersion schools.  She has been teaching at universities in Canada and the United States for over twenty-five years. She authored or co-authored over 40 articles.  She published 3 books:  Different Perspectives on Caring: Making Caring a Metacognitive Activity, Education in Transition: Changes in Eastern and Central Europe (Editor), International Trends in Preparation of Early Childhood Teachers in the Changing World (Co -Editor with J. Balachowicz and Z.Zbrog). Her major research interests are the moral development of children with the focus on caring and friendship, cognitive development of young children especially symbolic representation and  early childhood teachers’ preparation.  Professor Krystyna Nowak-Fabrykowski is publishing in USA, Canada, England, and Poland.