Wystartowała 10. edycja Projektu Mentorskiego UŁ

The official inauguration of the Mentorship Project took place on 1 December at the Biedermann’s Palace. That’s when the students had the opportunity to meet and talk to their mentors for the first time. Michał Kramarz – Head of Google for Startups, Central Europe was the special guest of the meeting. He talked about how to start running one’s own business and what makes it successful.

A mentor and mentees in the UL Mentorship ProjectMentor, Michał Hertel, Head of Communication & Business Development at MakoLab SA and CEO of Brandlift Sp. z o.o. together with his two mentees in this year's 10th edition of the project: Aleksandra Cabaj (International Journalism) and Yan Abmetka (New Media and Digital Culture).

10 years of the Mentorship Project 

The Mentorship Project of the University of Lodz as part of the VIP Alumni programme is a pioneering initiative of the University of Lodz. We are glad that so many universities have followed in our footsteps. For 10 years, students from the University of Lodz have had the opportunity to benefit from the support, experience and knowledge of VIP alumni acting as the students’ mentors.  

Statements by the project participants prove the value of this cooperation, the benefits for the mentees and how much our VIP alumni have to offer students.

This is first and foremost a mutual dialogue. Thanks to this dialogue we can see which direction we should go and what we should do. These directions can be different, e.g.: life, work, social context or ESG, which is currently so significant. Sometimes it is about choosing a career path, and sometimes this choice is already made; we need to deepen our skills, knowledge, move on to business cases

Konrad Pokutycki, Chairman of the Board at BSH 


You have to do what you are good at. You have to be better prepared for this and you have to have your own idea how to find yourself in a given field. It is not so much a guarantee as it is a high probability of fulfilment in professional life.

Kazimierz M. Ujazdowski, a lawyer and a politician


Development happens here

Mentors involved in the project are representatives of the world of business, culture and media, who have achieved significant professional success. They are people who hold high positions in various organisations, experts in their fields. They are people who are full of passion and commitment. Additionally, they like to share their own experience and knowledge.

Mentors – the 10th edition of the project 

Every mentorship pair will develop their own rules of cooperation and set goals that they want to achieve. During half a year of cooperation with mentors, the students will be supported in taking up challenges and finding their own professional path, in discovering their potential and talents. They will also familiarise with the latest directions and trends in development.

The previous editions show that cooperation with a mentor often does not end with the end of the project. Mentorship pairs continue the adventure they started, set new goals and implement new projects.   

We keep our fingers crossed for all the mentees and mentors and wish you many fruitful meetings!

Mentorship pairs – 10th edition of the project

University of Lodz Mentorship Project in numbers  

There are 33 mentors and 38 students in this year's edition of the project. Over the past nine years, as many as 305 students have benefited from the support of mentors. The group of mentors consists of over 90 people and many of them take part in the project every year.

Apply for the 11th edition of the Mentorship Project of the University of Lodz  

We are not slowing down and we are already planning the next edition of the Mentorship Project of the University of Lodz, which will start in October 2023. We encourage students from all faculties of the University of Lodz to try the project adventure. If you are interested in cooperation with a mentor, leave your contact details in the form and we will send you information about opening registration for the 11th edition.

If you want to get more information about the University of Lodz Mentorship Project feel free to visit the project website.

Source: Centre for External Relations, University of Lodz

Edit: Promotion Centre, University of Lodz

Photos: Bartosz Kałużny, Promotion Centre, University of Lodz