UŁ do odwołania zawiesza współpracę z Rosją i Białorusią

The University of Lodz suspends, for the indefinite period of time, cooperation with the scientific institutions from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. The decision was made by the Senate of the University of Lodz during the meeting on 14 March 2022.

Photo: University of Lodz

The decision of the authorities of the University of Lodz is dictated by the brutal and shameful aggression of the Russian Federation, supported by the Republic of Belarus, against Ukraine. At the same time, this step coincides with the reaction of the entire Western academic world.  

The suspension of the cooperation applies to all areas – science, teaching and current economic activities. It also means not taking up new initiatives and not applying for extending the existing ones. Students and scholars from Russia and Belarus who do not wish to return to their countries will, however, remain under the University's care.

Support of the University of Lodz for Ukraine. 

Source: Senate of the University of Lodz  

Edit: Promotion Centre of the University of Lodz