Head of the Department of English and General Linguistics

I am responsible for teaching classes on argumentation and critical thinking at Masters level. I also teach descriptive grammar and an elective course on the fundamental questions of language at Bachelor level.

I am Prinicipal Investigator of the NCN-funded project 'AIDA - Attitudes and IDentity in Argumentation'.

I conduct research on argumentation, rhetoric, and philosophical aspects of linguistics.


I am originally from Cambridgeshire, England. After graduating with an MA in Philosophy from the University of St Andrews in 1997, I moved to Poland and have been here ever since. I received my doctorate in Linguistics from the University of Lodz in 2013, and have been employed in the Institute of English Studies since 2014.

I completed my Habilitation in 2021 and was promoted to University Professor the following year.

I became head of the department of English and General Linguistics in October, 2023.


My research interests are in the fields of Argumentation, Philosophy of Languge, and Philosophy of Linguistics. I am currently working on systems of argument evaluation, and the role of identity in argumentative discourse. I have published a number of papers on fallacy theory and various kinds of arguments from authority.

I cooperate with the LANCAR group at the University of Amsterdam, the Laboratory of the New Ethos at the Techincal University of Warsaw, and the Centre for Applied Rhetoric at the University of Warsaw.

I am an active member of ArgDiaP, and of the APPLY Cost action European Network for Argumentation and Public Policy Analysis.

I also organise the biennial PhilArg (Philosophy of Argumentation) workshops, part of the PhiLang conference; and the PhiLang online seminar series.


I am the creator of the Comprehensive Assessment Procedure for Natural Argumentation (CAPNA), which is described in detail in my 2021 book, Evaluating the Language of Argument, for which I received the Rector's prize (first class) in 2022.

I was awarded the Rector's prize (second class) in 2021 for a series of articles entitled 'Analysing argument schemes and their connection to fallacy theory'.

In 2022, I was awarded a grant from the Faculty of Philology Scientific Development Fund of over 17,000 PLN for the two-year project 'Fallacies Reconceived', involving cooperation with scholars at the University of Leiden and the University of Amsterdam.

In 2023, I was awarded an NCN OPUS grant of over 700,000 PLN for a four-year project entitled 'AIDA - Attitude and IDentity in Argumentation'.


Office hours

wednesday: 13:00-14:00 Room: 4.20